The forth year of fiber

On Saturday my neighbor, her friend, Tuesday and I headed to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. It was my forth year of going, the first was at the end of the first summer at my new cottage. I love looking at all the fun stuff, colors, animals, fiber, yarn, and I knew Tuesday would too.


Crazy mad skilled knitters and their crazy knits:


Oh my goodness those stockings!!! I put a limit on myself since I have much un-spun stash. I did break out the credit card at the Blue Moon booth after I found out they are not having their barn sale.


I think I finally found the perfect grey color for a hoodie for Tutu. 


No plan for this yet, but oh the prettiness!  Tina was so nice at the booth. They actually took picture of Tutu and I (which is good because I didn't) and posted them on their blog, check it out (and click the pictures to make them bigger) here. Other than that I got a few bundles of lovely fiber.


I want to spin this now, yum! 


This alpaca is the softest thing I have ever touched in my life. It is so clean I think I will just spin it straight and then wash the yarn after I make it. Other than fiber and yarn I got a few pieces of handmade felt, some mohair locks (Tracy has a drum carder she is going to show me how to use), some beautiful stitch markers (she also sells on etsy) and this sweater made in Peru:


Our friend Kathy pointed this out to me and I was sold with that long hood – oh the cuteness! Today Tuesday wore another sweater I didn't make. The one I found at a garage sale for 50 cents earlier this year. Paired with a Juicy Couture top (finally found something cute at the Rack, love Juicy, but man can it be expensive) and gap yoga pants I think she looked quite stylish:


I tried to take more photos of her today, but this is her new face:


What is up with this face? It's a happy smile, I mean she's happy when she does it, but it looks kind of evil or something. Maybe I'm just not used to it. I have been working on some additional stash enhancements in other crafty areas:


It took me a while to wash it, iron it, and re-fold it. But I love having my fabric ready to play with when ever I might get a little window of time. Lately those seem to be quite hard to find, but I'm constantly on the lookout!

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  1. Will Tuesday be wearing that fabulous green and ivory sweater today? She texted me to ask you to let her. The sleeve length on the yellow one is perfection!

  2. tuesday is so cute, she learned how to crinkle her nose and she looks so pint size,totally cute!! I love babies, she is at the perfect age for lots of hugs and kisses! 🙂

  3. I know this kind of face from other babies and find it extremely cute. I’d call it “nose-crinkling”. You’ll grow to love it.

  4. Oh my gosh Tuesday looks so cool. I try to dress Chloe like that but she ends up looking less cool, and more..well homeless. You are the queen of mix and match!! The fiber fair looks so so so fun! I want to buy some of the socks that rock yarn…it knits up so beautifully!! Miss you!

  5. she is totally the trendiest baby i know. 😉
    and i love the last fabric shot.
    i’ve been really loving fabric lately…makes me want to sew, not that i need another hobby…

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