At the market

After she hung out with aunt Sciarrino during my haircut she was in such a good mood I decided to take her downtown. Nursed her at Nordstroms (the best place in any mall to nurse!) and picked her up a couple pairs of mini shoes. I saw a mom with a newborn in a baby bijorn, one year old in a stroller, and a three year old at her side. She was dressed so cute and trying on a pair of pumps. What? Why do I feel like I should get an award for just taking tutu to the market? Does it get easier with more kids?

At the marker

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  1. maybe she was the nanny? đŸ˜‰

  2. There is nothing better than hanging out with kids in the Fall, especially Tuesday. I stand by my comment of this being the cutest outfit she’s ever worn!

  3. PS A business looking man passed us by while we were out and commented on her hat—the girl is a head turner!

  4. No, it only gets harder with more than one child. More amazing, but harder. Who wears pumps now a days anyway. Yuck. I am certain that you are cuter than she is and I am sure that Tuesday is more loved. She who has time to bathe, put makeup on, and wear pumps spends too much time without their children. What would you rather do; play with Tuesday or put on pumps? See, you are a wonderful and adorable mommy so don’t change a thing. Well, you could have another baby.

  5. It gets easier with TIME, not more kids. Just think, she’s had 3 years of practice already. Just don’t do what I did and wait 9 years between kids. By the time I had it all down to a science, I started all over again.
    You’re doing great! You get out of the house way more often than I do with my two. (9 yr old & 10 mth old)

  6. for the record, i see you as “nordstroms mom” every time i read your posts i wonder how you do it. you are amazing!

  7. Maybe she was a nanny ; )

  8. I agree it gets easier with time….. not sure if I would be trying on shoes though!! I always think that is I can get everyone out of the house and yard its smooth-ish sailing from there. Any mum that takes her kids out as regularly as you definately deserves a reward. You rock.

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