Tuesday Love

Poor little Tuesday is not feeling so great tonight. So I don't have the entry I planned ready to go. I thought I would do a quick post with lots of pictures of my usually sunny happy girl.

The other night we had dinner out on our front porch. So much fun!


The grownups got to eat some yumminess from Smitten Kitchen filled with lots of summer veggies.


Tuesday  got some kind of summer squash. I don't really know what. We found it on a walk, someone had it sitting in the front yard with a free sign :) 


Happy girl.


Whoa that first bite, it always seems to take he by surprise, the whole, "Hey I thought I was just getting a spoon to play with" look. Which I finally do give in and let her play with eventually:


Usually this results in a wardrobe change, but that's okay I love her clothes:


Both of these pieces by Chase N' Sky Hawaii, a family friend is the designer, and I heart everything she does so much! 

So get better soon little sparkle pants. Mama doesn't want to take you back to the doctor, even if it was super funny to see how they put a urine collection bag on a baby. 

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  1. ceara just made me LAUGH! 🙂
    but seriously, i’m sorry miss tuesday isn’t feeling well! i hope she is better soon! give her a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek from me. i’m sure that will help 😉

  2. I am so sorry to hear that Tuesday is not feeling well. I will send her get better wishes right now. I LOVE the photo of her first bite as well as the ruffle bum shot. Too cute. Kisses to Tuesday!

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