The loud, dirty, bright, fantastic fair

Tuesday is either teething and it's the worst thing ever, or she's not teething but it's still the worst thing ever. Nothing seems to make her happy, but her fever is gone. Poor girl. I'm going to back track a bit and catch up on some bits of life I missed telling you all about.

My birthday started out in a hotel room in a king size bed with a little Tutu snuggled in the middle of Bj and I. Besides the fact that I fed her cauliflower the night before (because we had it I just pureed it and oh my goodness did her pee smell something awful), it was a wonderful thing. After a post wedding brunch Sciarrino spotted an antique/junk shop in the neighborhood so we followed her there. But more on my birthday loot later. We got home and rested a bit, had lots of kisses:


My lovely little girl always knows just what mama needs.


After our resting we loaded up and headed out to the Oregon State Fair! For those of you new to the blog I go every year. Even last year when I basically just hobbled around and got my picture taken. I have to get the annual portrait. This year:


The first strip was when we first got to the fair, Tutu was asleep in the hawk. Then we went back when she was awake. Oh man her reaction to the flash was so funny. I like the top one on the right where I am dangling her. hehehe These are screaming to be a mini book, right?  

I decided to keep Bj's little camera on my wrist and take some actual sight seeing type of pictures:


I think next year we will be entering from the red gate and sticking to the animals and gardens. I'm scared to have a little person who wants to touch all the nastiness. I told my mom this and she said, "I can't believe I took you so young." I asked, "How young was I." "Well you had just been born, so a few days?" OMG Mom! I guess I really have been every year. Once Tutu woke up we checked out flowers.


And animals:


In the big animal barn she was cool looking at everything… until she saw a cow. She started a little crying. It was so funny. Draft horses, cool, goats trying to jump on you, no big deal! But a cow looking at her the wrong way I guess was just too much. I nursed her during a horse show when my dad called to say he was at the fair. I asked where and he said, "Outside the historic horse arena." Well what do you know, we were inside it! So we said hi to him and some family friends. Then off to eat some not so fabulous food (I'm so far away from getting my cabinets. I need to get back on track, 12 pounds is not going to loose itself when I have corndogs and curly fries). Then we headed out through the lights and people on crazy rides:


and a family snap:


The fair has changed a lot during my life, but all of the crazy parts I love are the same. I don't know though, if they get rid of those photo booths I might not come back, it really is my favorite part. So yes, I had a great birthday and I'm excited for my thirtieth year (I turned 29 so I'm in my thirtieth year. This is something tricky Bj and I figured out when I would try to tell him how far we were in the pregnancy, "I'm 28 weeks, but I"m in the 29th week…").

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  1. Next year will have to be a major Birthday Bash at the Fair! Great Pics! and looks like you had a blast!

  2. Great pictures! I was thinking you must have missed a few summers from camp, but I guess we would have been back by then. That’s awesome.

  3. oh great. so this whole year has been my 30th year? argh. 😉
    love your photos and going back to see the old ones…
    does tuesday have teeth?? sorry if you’ve discussed this before and i missed it.
    i keep thinking miri is teething, too…but no teeth yet.
    my dad said that they can teeth for months and months before an actual tooth pops out.
    grrrreat. 😉

  4. I love the photo booth pics! We forgot to do those this year. We might be going back on Monday, if so, I’ll get both kids done 😉
    Sounds like you’ve been having a great summer!!

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