Dreaming and Ditching

I'm still dreaming about a new creative space


Doesn't that look so full of promise? Meanwhile I'm trying to sort through more things to give myself more space with my set up now and found these two on my shelf:


They are Autumn Leaves calendars that I had bound, 2005 (I think) and 2006. I've looked through them and found some great ideas, but I think it's time I pass them on, anyone interested? I'd be happy to send them anywhere. These are going to a good home, thanks!

11 Replies to “Dreaming and Ditching”

  1. I would LOVE to take those calendars off your hand. Mine are all scattered here and there.

  2. Hey, Amber – that would be WONDERFUL!
    Looks like fun to go through!
    Lovely greetings!
    Katharina (;

  3. Oooh that room is going to look fantastic! I need to seriously purge my scrapbooking and craft stuff. And the kids craft stuff.

  4. Your space is going to be fabulously organized! When do we order those cabinets?

  5. Amber, can you come up here and help me organize my ENTIRE house?? Ugh, I am getting that spring cleaning/purging bug…even though it is winter. I am ready to throw everything out! You are so organized, I love it!

  6. I can’t wait to see what you dressed that little bean up as!

  7. Ooooh! That would be an awesome creative space!! 🙂

  8. Oh i would love these, they are the best calendars and so full of ideas. I always have to borrow my sisters when i need some inspiration and i really don’t think she is too crazy about them leaving her house!!
    Dawn M

  9. I would love the calendars too. I actually have wanted to purchase them the last few years, just never did.
    and i love the creative space sketch! how did you do that? In Auto CAD? or did someone help you? can’t wait to see your space become a reality!

  10. Email me your address and I’ll get them out to you. If you don’t want both I see that someone down the list would be happy to take one of them, let me know.

  11. I think the calendars are spoken for, waiting on addresses, but if not I’ll let you know. My mom is an interior designer and she drew it up in a program called 20/20. It’s so awesome to see what the room will look like!

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