Yoga Pants

I finally made a pair of pants from Amanda's wonderful book. This project was so dead easy I wish I would have tried it before. 


What finally spurred me on was a new pile of clothes headed to the Goodwill. I promised myself I wouldn't take anything out of there to repurpose until I made something with the pile I already had downstairs. These are from a work shirt of Bj's that was so the wrong size, in fact we think he might have gotten the ladies style, it was too funny. All that you can see left of it is a tiny bit inside the back waist band:


Which for some reason I just love. I tried to get some good action shots of Tuesday. 


Can you see how she is about to leap off the couch there? 


Walking towards me (I purposely made them a little long). So I tried to corral her:


Good thing we put on that teething rail (fyi she bit my arm today!) Also these are wonderful for making a bit wider on top for cloth diapered babies. 


Then she decided to try and reach for my camera, so I reached for her hand. A wonderful bunch of giggles ensued. 

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  1. Nice work! If only her mama could make a pair for a big kid. LOL! PS I chewed the crap out of my crib—born a beaver.

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