Ah sweet Tuesday. She is feeling so much better. The little stomach thing set us back slightly, if only because today she wanted to nurse like a crazy maniac to make up for it. Here you see her in the middle of a 2.5 hour nurse/nap/nurse/nap session that did not leave my lap. However we were able to get everything ready for the trip, as my mom pointed out we are not going to outer Mongolia (no offense to outer Mongolia, but I hear there's not much there). In fact I am going to Ceara's, one of my best friends in the whole wide world. Who just happens to be expecting one of Tuesday's best friends (she just doesn't know it yet). The last time we saw Ceara Tuesday was four days old I think. She's changed a bit 🙂

In fact I was going to do a post about her nine month check up and stuff, but ran out of time. So quickly (since this seems to be the baby book by default), let me say she is PERFECT. Oh more specific details? She is 27 inches long and 14 pounds, 9 ounces – moved back up to the 5% oh ya! That's my big girl 🙂 She's the exact same size I was at her age. She eats mama made solids happily, squash I think is her favorite, based on vigor of slapping the high chair tray. She nurses lots. She loves her papa to put her to sleep, on this most recent business trip I tried for nearly two hours to get her down and finally had Bj call, put him on speaker phone and he sung her to sleep. She can crawl like crazy now, and pull herself up on everything. I left a room for a minute, came back and couldn't see her. I called out for her and she was behind a chair. When I found her she just smiled, like, "oh ya, I got you Mom!" Her giggle is the best, she now has ticklish feet which is so funny. Like I said, perfect. 

Now I don't want to brag but I'm all ready to go and I think I have the perfect knitting plan. It required a trip to the library to check out a book THAT I OWN because what the heck happened to it? I don't know. So I've go the main project, the quick project, the back up project, and the reserve project. I know, it doesn't sound like enough to me either, but like my mom said, it's not out mongolia. 

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  1. They seriously made Tuesday take off her shoes? That is hilarious! Lucky thing she didn’t mind–she looks so adorable! I hope you make it over there safe and sound, and SANE! ALthough with all of those knitting projects in tow, one could question your baseline sanity level. Have fun! Get some rest on this vacation!

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