Watching her stories

Ok she was really watching Bj, we don’t let her watch telly, but I thought it was so funny how Bj had her laying there I had to hand her the remote!

Watching her stories

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  1. That’s where I want to be! but watching SYTYCD. Tonight Vegas!

  2. Amber, your little girl is just too precious! I also love reading your blog, so entertaining & some great ideas. Thanks 🙂 Kerry

  3. We don’t let Chloe watch TV either, which is ironic because we are both addicts. Reality tv for me, and sports for Andrew.
    I love how Tuesday is ALWYAS laughing! I would have thought you just post the happy pictures, but having seen her up her in Alaska, I know that she is like that about 95% of the time. You guys are doing something right! (probably everything right!)

  4. That’s what I looked like last night while watching The Office…

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