Eating it up

So Tuesday is on the full on two meals a day schedule. I should say two meals not at the breast, she still takes plenty of those. The little Wednesday market downtown is only going until the end of October, and the month seems to be flying by so I figured I should stock up on some yumminess for my little lady while I can still get it fresh and local. I bundled her up and headed downtown:

Food and knits-1 

Attack of the handknits. Oh wait it got better with the addition of a handknit bib!

Food and knits-2 

A little side note, while she does have lots of knit things and is growing slowly, she still is growing. I need to get my butt in gear and get a few more sweaters, hats and blankets in her closet before winter. I'm spinning for another stroller blanket right now. 

We got lots of yumminess:

Food and knits-3 

Luckily my mom met us down there so she took my haul back to the house for me. Not everything would fit under the stroller since we were shedding those clothes and blankets as the day heated up – fall weather can be so confusing! Also we had some heavy and strange sized stuff. Anyone know what these are?

Food and knits-4 

It took Bj a minute, he hadn't seen them in this state before. No I didn't make them into baby food for Tuesday. But I did everything else (and the kitchen is in such a disaster state to prove it), minus the acorn squash, which I didn't get to:

Food and knits-5 

Excuse the pictures, they are all kind of wonky as I was using the point and shoot, but not the flash. I take my camera's high ISO settings for granted sometimes! That's peas, carrots, delicata squash, and beets. I got out the food processor for all but the squash (I use my food mill for that) and it worked great. I now have at least 150 servings of baby food in the freezer. I just keep reusing the containers by popping out the food cubes and putting those into labeled freezer bags. I think I want to do some pears, and maybe some more squash since Tuesday loves it, then I think I'll mostly be done. I'll just freeze extra portions of whatever we make with our meals. I'm hoping she'll be able to do some finger foods soon anyway. I have to try some of the tips you left on my last baby food post. I think I can start to do some mixed stuff soon too. 

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  1. I was just showing Sean these photos of his namesake…telling him that I want to move to Oregon, have a baby as cute as Tuesday Lee, be able to knit her stuff, and have it be cold enough for her to actually wear it.
    I can’t believe it was two years ago right around now that we were up meeting you and wandering around in the wonderful fall weather…that really was one of the best days ever. 🙂

  2. I love Tuesday’s little handknit hat. It reminds me of an elf hat with the point. So adorable. Oh my gosh, That food looks great! It is awesome that she is starting to eat some foods when you have all of that gorgeous produce available. You are SO SMART to bulk up before winter hits and the fresh stuff is all gone. Tuesday is lucky to have a mom like you! How you find the time I will never know!

  3. Yum, all that produce looks so good, I miss my garden already! Do you actually like brussel sprouts? How do you prepare them?

  4. Lees for the win! 🙂 If you move up here I will swap with you knitting lessons for stamping/card making lessons, deal? I know, man does time fly, two years, that’s crazy. Incidentally Emilie and I had a ton of fun with you in Cali, I want to do that again!

  5. Oh we eat them, we love them! I’ll have to take pictures of Bj preparing them, so so yummy. He does it with sliced almonds, I can’t remember what else goes in there.

  6. Love the photos! We just got a crop share the other day with some of the same veggies. It is so crazy to see brussels sprouts like that. I just made some for dinner tonight. 🙂

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