A wonderful weekend

Thank you so much for all your kind and thoughtful comments about the live/work/baby balance. I appreciate them so much! I am seriously thinking of printing them out to have around when I feel overwhelmed again! As it happens a nice relaxed weekend is making me feel a lot better. We stocked up on safety supplies:


And they should be installed soon, I know Bj is really looking forward to all those little screws 🙂 While in Portland I also picked up new luggage for an upcoming trip (it's green!), a set of reflectors and this cool new thing:


It's called a Spyder cube. You hang it directly in front of the light source for your subject, take a picture of it in RAW, and then use it as a basis for all the rest of the photos in a series. I haven't figured it all out, but have started playing around with it:

Picture 1 

Pretty cool huh? Sunday was nice and relaxing. Bj and I said we were not going to do anything, but we both ended up getting lots of little things accomplished. I cleaned up downstairs, of course today Tuesday still was cruising around trying to find things to eat, like the stool she is holding onto. I also packed up lots of orders. I love seeing what combinations people order:


We've decided to save up for a car seat for my mom's car, so she can pick up Tutu sometimes for little jaunts so I can do some computer related work. I think this is going to be the perfect solution to my feeling overwhelmed in that regard. Of course I'll probably never let her out of my sight longer than an hour or two, since she is so darn cute.


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  1. Yes, you did it again by accomplishing so much even on a relaxing weekend! Also, What a great idea letting Grandma take Tuesday a bit so you can get work done, she is so darn cute I’m sure she doesn’t mind at all!

  2. One of the best places we’ve found for high end carseats at good prices – Costco. But you just kinda have to get lucky…as they don’t always have them in the store. I think we got our last Britax there for something like $200. (We had a Cosco we used as our back up carseat -but it was a PITA to install in the car – it was our gramma carseat, as well as the carseat for our 2nd car so it got moved around a lot. Britax – installs in a jiffy, and actually has some padding on the seat!)

  3. wow, look at miss tuesday! she’s quite the mover, huh? adorable!
    having grandma take tuesday on occasion will be a win-win for everyone! grandma + tuesday get to share special time together and you get to get some work done 🙂
    i didn’t comment on your last post because, well, i’m not a mom and therefore i feel i shouldn’t offer suggestions…but i do know you’re doing an AMAZING job. AMAZING! (and i loved what carmen wrote. print hers out and re-read it often.)

  4. We bought a car seat for Grandma too…figured we need help sometimes, and this makes it much less stressful than lugging around a carseat everytime they need to use it…we also hope to have more than one kid – so it will get used much more. I did go with a much cheaper model for that car seat though, it gets used maybe once a month – so i figured that was best.

  5. Let me know how you like the spyder cube… I was looking at it too! I wasn’t sure if I would remember to take a picture of it. I have been carrying around a gray card and always forget to take it out.

  6. I know i’m a stay at home mom – but I wish I had a nanny for a few hours sometimes. 🙂 It’s very hard to get much of anything done once they begin to walk. I haven’t heard of the cube thing…but taking a photo of a white sheet of paper in your current lighting conditions and then using it for custom white balance within your camera also works…but this does the editing as you take the photo, instead of once in Lightroom.

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