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Oh, I have been a bad blogger, and, I realized today, a bad picture taker! I decided to remedy that because (in my opinion) Tuesday just keeps getting cuter and cuter!


Unfortunately she is getting harder and harder to photograph. The little girl is a mover!


I wish I could say I've been up to all sorts of interesting things, but mostly it's just been keeping up with her:


Silly girl.


My mom, however, has been doing a better job of me blogging. Yes, blogging! She started up one a few weeks ago – here it is – and has been posting regularly. I'm sure I've mentioned that my mom is an interior designer, so her posts are full of good design, color, and some cooking, among other things. Check it out. 


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  1. ah! that last photo needs framed…SO cute! it makes me smile!
    and your mom is blogging?! i’m headed there now to check it out and say hello!

  2. I just love that last picture of you and Tuesday… Oh so fun! And I must agree she keeps getting cuter with so much expression!

  3. She is just the cutest thing ever!! 🙂
    I’ll be sure to check out your mom’s blog! Now I know where you get all your colorful creativity! Very cool to be an interior designer!!

  4. The quilt you finished is called a Circle Dance Quilt. Congrats for finishing!

  5. I’m starting to see the little lady she will become—how fantastic!
    em dash = shift+option+hyphen (just a little type reminder 😉

  6. Now is when you actually have to capture pictures. Lol. Good luck 😉
    I added Julie’s blog to my list–another inspiring blog to read!

  7. such a cutie! and totally excited about your mom’s blog. I just added her to my reader!

  8. You take the best pictures!
    I love your mom’s blog!

  9. Thanks for sending so many to my blog. I’ll try to live up to their expectations!

  10. Thanks Katie,
    Not quite finished, but as soon as Im done playing on this computer Im going to put the back together and get it ready for the quilter tomorrow. 
    What projects have you been working on? Am I going to be envious of your talents?

  11. More darling pictures – and that green wall – I love it!

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