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Thanks for the love on Tuesday's costume. I had a whole other thing planned, and had already figured out part of that costume, but it involved Bj and I, and since we had to skip out on the party we were going to thanks to some sleepless nights I decided to scrap it. Then I had another genius idea, and I think it would be super cute, but I just didn't have the time to see it through, that was a for Tuesday to be an ice ice baby brand bag of ice. Hehehe, well it got me laughing. So come Saturday I had nothing planned, and no costume. I did however have a cute tutu I picked up on the Gymboree sale rack while I was visiting Ceara. I paired that with her Baby Lulu leggings, a hand me down turtleneck onsie and her cute little silver shoes. I had a little wand from a wedding we went to, so that just left the crown and wings. 


The wings were simple enough. I free handed one side on some tracing paper, then folded it over to get the other side. With the pattern I made I cut the shape out of thick fusible web. Then I ironed on fabric to one side, and cut around it. I used spray baste for the other side. 


I sewed a pre-made bias binding around the edge, folded it over and used stitch witchery to stick it down on the back side. I crossed some ribbon over, zig-zagged it in place and covered the middle with some fabric I tacked down by hand. When I tried it on Tuesday she wanted to eat the wing edges, so Bj suggested getting them to stick out somehow. I found a wire hanger, cut it and bent it back. I made slits in the fabric and tucked it in between the layers, it just stayed in place on its own, and did the trick. 


For the crown I made up a pattern by drawing a swoopy triangle on a sticker, then I placed it on the interfacing about an inch up from the edge, moving it over and matching the edges four times. I also made a four inch long "tail" that is tucked inside the crown so that it can grow with her a bit (took this awesome idea from my friend's mom). I tried to just have the wool (an old sweater sleeve) on the outside, and felt on the inside, but it looked very poor. So I scrapped that one, and figured out how to get it to wrap all the way around. Again spray basting was my friend.


I cut straight down between the points, folded the material in, and whipped stitched it all together. Then I added little crystal beads to the points. It stayed on super well and my hat loving daughter didn't notice it much at all.


My mom and Bill stopped by to see the little lady, then we hit up a few of our favorite neighbors. She was not happy about it. AT ALL. She took one look at people she usually loves and burst into tears. But all and all it was a good night. The porch had the desired effect of making our house more appealing to trick or treaters, so we got some cute ones and Tuesday did enjoy seeing people come to the door. I'm definitely going to plan ahead for next year, definitely…. just remind me to ok?

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  1. It’s great! Turned out super cute!
    I sewed Clara a smock/dress and beaded her a quick neckless. Made me feel crafty, so I started working on a quilt at the same time! Now I have the sewing bug 😉 Homemade costumes look so much better!

  2. Nice work mama! Bet you felt proud you came through for baby’s first Halloween. She’ll appreciate it in 20 years, but we all appreciate it now. 🙂

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