Just because you can’t see it doesn’t me you shouldn’t watch

This evening putting Tuesday to bed was going to be cake, CAKE! She was tired, she had finally pooped, the crib was really calling her name. So I took her upstairs, got her all ready and had some quiet play time. I nursed her and went to put her down. I was next to her crib, it was very dark but I could see her turn her head and just laugh at me. Then I looked down at my phone for a minute and when I looked up I kind of scream/laughed because she had her hand stuck out of the bars just like out there. It freaked me out! She started laughing, and laughing. Then I started laughing. And then I started tickling her, I couldn't help it she was so cute! It was pitch black but I still think you might find this amusing:

After 20 minutes of that it was back to the breast, a little swaying, some back patting and finally sleep. Time: 8:45; we've done better, but hey we've also done much, much worse.

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  1. LOVE that baby laugh!! just reminded me that dean woke me up in the middle of the night with all out laughter in his sleep. it drizzled down to giggles and then died out and he went on sleeping. silly bub. now i want to go cuddle him, but he’s at preschool.

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