Oh man am I ever in denile about how quickly Cheistmas is coming! I am trying to squeeze in little projects but I am sick. Ugh and sick of being sick! I powered through a whole box of Kleenex in 24 hours – go me! Since I had my christmas paper crafting goods out for the daily album (that sadly did not make my list of must fo projects) I decided to whip up some tags. I really like the tabs turned alien creature ones. Because this is a mobile entry I can’t add another picture to it, but if I could I would show you how Tuesday decided to “help” me by demolishing my card drawer. Time for more baby proofing! Oh and I edited this in Photoshop mobile, a cool free app. Hope you are all getting things done in time, and having fun doing it!


4 Replies to “Denile”

  1. I hope you are feeling better – I have a sinus infection going on and I am feeling sorry for myself – I could have gotten all ready for Christmas just to be sick…or could I? ack! Your tags are adorable, I love the little monster!

  2. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well! Those tags are awesome and yes Christmas is coming full speed! I’m having a hard time doing all the things for me (in my limited 3 weeks) and getting all my presents done!

  3. Love the tags…. How do you do it all? even when you’re sick. Feel better soon!

  4. yeah how do you do it all? My tags this year consist of marker on the wrapping paper.

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