Night Time Baby


Taken after the fifth waking tonight. Poor little sparkle pants is teething something terrible. It's only just midnight. No time for mama to do anything crafty. But I want to remember 

Late nights just us, snuggled up and happy getting milky.

Coming to the crib, barely awake Tutu hardly making a sound, just lifting up her tiny arms for me.

The way she moves around before she falls asleep, finally putting one arm out to the side when she drifts off.

Patting her back and waiting for her breathing to slow down, signaling sleep.

Her little tiny soft hairs sticking up all silly and sometimes a bit sweaty.

The little sigh she gives as soon as she latches on… she takes a moment then starts gulping down milk.

When I pull back to get her off the breast she can do a crunch with super human strength to stay on, way to use those core muscles.

Her tiny sneezes… she just made some which means this tired mama will be running up the stairs once more.

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  1. Oh, those sweet tiny little moments shared between mother and child. How I remember those so fondly. I’m glad you’re wise enough to treasure them as they happen. When your children grow, those moments can sometimes come few and far between all of the hustle and bustle, making them even more precious.

  2. 5th waking? Oh my gosh our girls are IN SYNC. Chloe has been having an awful time sleeping too. Poor things. They are pretty cute though- even through exhausted eyes and frayed nerves:)

  3. I love this post.
    Sometimes when I start to get really frustrated, I just stop and force myself to look at how lucky I am to be in this position…and how soon it will be gone.

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