It’s a girl!

You do not know how many times people have said to me, "How old is he?" or "He's so cute!" Even when I have Tuesday dressed in dresses. To this I say, whatever. It doesn't really bother me at all, and depending on my mood I just go with it. Mainly because I am so not into the pink or the hair bow for hairless children. That last one is a big one for me. I do not get the frilly hairbow on the naked baby girl head. In fact I've made my position on this so well known that not one person has given us one.. until now. 


My friend Tracy told me about a member of her church who made these, "cute headband hairbow things out of vintage hankies." It sounded intriguing but wasn't about to go find out more, because I don't like hairbows, right? 


WRONG! Tracy got me Tuesday this adorable headband for her birthday and I am so gaga over it that I actually pack it in my diaper bag so that when I take off her hat it goes on. Pathetic, I know. 🙂


Want to know the best part? You can get one too! She sells on etsy and the price is a whole FIVE DOLLARS, and shipping a whole ONE DOLLAR. I am tempted to tell her she needs to raise the price… after I go stock up of course. 

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  1. How funny, I was just thinking two days ago…I’m so glad Amber doesn’t put those ridiculous huge flowers on Tuesday’s head. But, you’re right, on Tuesday it’s cute. I give credit to the baby for making anything cute. Studying now.

  2. This is Tracy, the friend that was unaware of your position on frilly hair bows and flowers (I have a boy so it does make sense that we did not have this conversation). I am glad I did not know, picking the “right” one would have been a whole lot more stressful. I am so glad I (with a lot of help from Sara) was able to change your mind. She looks so adorable and I am impressed she leaves it on.

  3. those are so cute! I’m also not a fan of huge bows/flowers…but this somehow works. maybe because they’re vintage hanky flowers and not some fake silk flower? this looks great on her (and I’m also quite impressed she leaves it on!).

  4. Very, very cute. I like the flower/bows, but I have seen some that are bigger than the baby’s head which is just crazy. I actually just ordered two for my cousin! thanks!

  5. love it. ordering it. Great pictures! Tuesday looks like she is enjoying it too. I thought she would just reach up and rip that thing off, but looks like she likes fashion too! Very cute!

  6. I, too, am not a fan of the bald child with bows and stuff stuck on their head. But I think Tuesday pulls off this headband very well… and I think she has just enough hair for it too, since she’s not completely bald 🙂 This girl is workin’ it!

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