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  1. Love em!
    I can totally iron my napkins less. Snicker. I never iron anything. But Clara asks to iron everytime we go to my parents house, so I’ll just have her start to iron more 😉
    All of my goals involve cutting back or doing more. Less stress, stuff, spending, eating out. More cooking, creating, photos, outdoor time.

  2. 1. Keep being crafty even when school starts back up.
    2. Stay positive through this last 6 months.
    3. Get some chickens!

  3. I’ve read lots and lots and lots of resolution-style posts today. This one is my favorite. Sweet. Simple. To-the-point. Achievable.
    Here’s to 2010.

  4. I want chickens too!!!! I heart birds and my feeders don’t attract chickens, just goldfinches, bush tits, scrub jays, chickadees and woodpeckers, and a silly humming bird that thought thistles might be tasty….anyway
    my one goal, love myself…..supposedly everything else falls into place after that.

  5. Number 2 coming from BJ?
    1. Start a blog—gulp.
    2. Pay of my credit card—double gulp.
    3. Throw the best reunion PEHS has ever seen.
    4. Spend more time with my siblings and family in general.
    5. Get my parents to go on a real vacation.
    I don’t want chickens, but I’ll take a dozen. 🙂

  6. Yes, seriously start a blog already woman!!! And I will totally hook you up with eggs, it can help you with number 2 🙂 Oh and my number 2 is coming from me, you know to savor the moment more.

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