Feathering her nest

I can tell you with all certainty that Tuesday taking naps has changed our lives! It has been going on a good month now, but I’ve been hesitant really focusing on it because it just seems to good to be true (almost a three hour nap today!). The first two weeks of long naps in the crib I did really nothing during the time because I just expected her to wake up in a few anyway. Instead what I hear now are happy squeals and lovely little baby words (ba BA bob da ahhhhhh mama, etc.). Once I realized that happy nap time was here to stay I put a few of Tuesday’s toys in the crib for some independent play time when she wakes up.
My mom made her this adorable little pillow (all from my shop’s ribbon) for Christmas. It is to bring her good sleep – it’s working (at least in the day time – ha!). Pinky likes to lounge on there. We left Pinky at my mom’s for one night and Tuesday responded by holding up the pillow like, “Where is Pinky?!?!?!”
The other adorable thing is this Christmas present from her Aunt Sciarrino. I have been wanting to get better pictures of it, but every time I think to she is sleeping and there is no way I’m taking it out of the crib now.
Bj and I love to sneak upstairs and listen to her waking up. I like to give her at least ten minutes to play, but we usually can’t wait that long because she sounds so freaking cute! She has this stacking toy totally dismantled and is usually trying to get it back on the peg. I’ve also caught her talking to her toes, tracing patterns with her finger on her quilt, and playing peek-a-boo with her self and her blankie.
Thanks for all the handmade love my friends… the hand written notes are still probably a few days off. But I’m looking for the perfect “thank you” stamp so I can build a stockpile of them for the future!

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  1. That’s great that she’s sleeping. I would go crazy without Eliza’s naps. And I just ordered the pattern and supplies to make a stacker like that for her birthday! I didn’t realize that it would turn out quite so big.

  2. Looks like you got her a new purse, and that she loves it just as much as the other! I hope I have the energy to stop by this afternoon, I miss you guys!

  3. oh my gosh that stacker is amazing!! I have been wanting to make one too, what is the center “pole” made out of? I love that she made it oversized- genious! It also looks like Tuesday has a new skirt. Very cute.

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