The other craft room

I doubt you remember this way back when, but the other bedroom downstairs actually was my craft room when I first moved in. Now it is Bj's office. I painted it for him, you know right before I crammed all my stuff in there before my cabinets were put in 🙂 We finally got it all cleaned out (I may still have a few things in that closet…), paint touched up around the windows, curtains and pillows made and now:


Looking in from the door. Bj made this little reading nook for Tuesday by using my old stamp shelf.


Easy for Tutu to grab her favorite books.


She loves it. Side note: she also love this simple little notebook I made for her:


With pictures from catalogs and magazines. I cover up the words with these big stickers I got somewhere.



Opposite wall (wide angle makes it look really big). Rug is from Ikea. 


Tuesday where are you going? Probably back down the hall to my craft den, she likes to go back and forth talking to us, it is so cute! I'm so glad Bj finally really has a room in the house that is his. He didn't mind the yellow paint, or all my stuff on the corkboard wall, but I think he really deserves to have this space his way. And I like it too!

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  1. Beautiful office. It’s a good thing you have a little girl. Having raised a son I can tell you that the sweet little book shelf looks like a climbing step waiting to happen! She is just as adorable as can be. Keep up the good work, Mama!

  2. oh i love her little book shelf and nook! how cute!
    also, i like his desk on that side of the room – makes it feel bigger in there.
    although, i think the last time i saw it, it was packed with your stuff too 😉
    anyway…looks AWESOME!

  3. What a cool space! I really like the book you made her. I wanted to do something like that so much, with pictures of family members, too, and never did! Maybe I still will … my youngest is only 3 … certainly wouldn’t hurt … anyway, thanks for the inspiration (as usual! 🙂

  4. Wow, this room looks amazing…and spotless. How on earlth do you keep every single area in your house so spotless and totally organized? Your house looks like it came right out of a design magazine! Just awesome! It looks like a relaxing haven, totally functional for a stress free life! Again, you are such an inspiration!

  5. Looks great! Just line the floor in front of the book shelf with pillows, then if she climbs, you’re covered 😉
    I think it’s a great office space–and with your space right there, it’s the best!

  6. Two questions…how did you pick Tuesdays name? (love it, btw). Also, who or what inspired you to have such a bold, artistic look to your life? Your blog is the first one I go to in the morning!

  7. I am going to do a few more of these, but in those cheap little 4 x 6 books. I have a stack of pictures for activities and one of people she knows. I think even a three year old would love one of those!

  8. I make myself power clean for the first 10-30 minutes when Tuesday sleeps. And we don’t come downstairs in the morning until the upstairs is clean (laundry put away, bed made, etc) which usually takes about an hour. Of course I don’t really have anywhere else to be…

  9. Bj named her. She didn’t have a name for four days and we were tossing everything around, but I didn’t want it to be on the top 100 list and everything I liked was (Jane, Olive, Lucy, etc). So Bj says, “Hey I like that girl’s name from the Adam’s Family movie; Tuesday.” And I said, “me too!” And we named her… and then found out that girl’s name was Wednesday. But we like Tuesday better anyway 🙂 I think my parents were really supportive of us being creative, plus I was an art major in college, that had to help. This is the best comment I’ve gotten on my blog EVER thanks!

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