Girl plus Food

Tuesday has been hilarious in the eating department lately. At least I find her very amusing. She can be very dramatic. Here she is waiting for dinner at my mom’s.
“Ohhh grandma are you fixing me dinner?”
“I can’t wait feed me now I might die!”
“Do not make fun of my hunger.”
Distracted. Thanks Uncle Brent!
Earlier today I remembered why we only eat at tables. Also I should have never started her on goldfish. I sign “fish” and “cracker” and she about has spasms of happiness.

I do realize this is not cinematic greatness. But I can guess at least one person will watch it a couple of times (hi mom!).

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  1. And here’s person #2!! Mmmmm… I love me some goldfish crackers too! And I’m sure there’s good reason as to why she has jingle balls on her ankle….???

  2. You should get Tuesday a Munchkin Snack Catcher. My 16-month loves goldfish so he gets the cup and I don’t have goldfish all over my house!

  3. i love the stink eye picture! that’s too funny 🙂
    and mmmm, goldfish. i like the plain ones (i know… boring, right?). where all did you find them after snack time? 😉 she’s adorable!

  4. Tuesday makes the funniest faces! How does a baby learn to scowl like that?! So funny! I also love the video, but my favorite part was your naration…ahh great….this isn’t going to end well….All while Tuesday is gleefully eating and talking to herself.

  5. Okay that whole video is hysterical. I can only imagine where you will be finding goldfish crackers!
    And I LOVE (the music teacher in me…) that you have bells on her feet!!!
    (As do I love Kay’s comment about the Morris dancing!!) 😉

  6. super cute! and yes, snack traps are so worth the money! I found mine at a Babies R Us but i am sure you can get them via amazon. I can’t live without those and juice box holders.

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