Continuous Bias Binding

So yesterday with all that math and craziness. I hope you saw that I updated the post to say that I did not come up with those numbers, but copied it directly out of the book, you can see how I got so confused! I did find a couple of good site for making continuous bias binding strips that I thought I would share. I had thought I would do a tutorial with lovely pictures.


But after this was taken I failed again to make the lines line up right. To see what I am talking about check out this tutorial. Basically it allows you to make a long strip of binding with out having to cut a giant triangle from your fabric (which I hate doing because you have a bit leftover piece of fabric with a bias edge, and thus lots of waste). Since I never could figure out what size square the book was trying to get me to use I found this lovely little cheat sheet. And I finally managed:


to make a weird tube/cuff thing turn into this:


One long strip, yeah! Of course it's not my fault really. I had some great distractions today:




Tuesday running around and Chloe being cute in our new (to us) swing:


I found this thing at a used kids store and it was pretty beat up. I cleaned it all up in the bathtub, Bj put in new rope and I sewed new straps for it. Tuesday has let it be known that it is no substitute for the park though. 

Carmen, Chloe, and Andrew are headed back to Alaska tomorrow. So I'll have time to take pictures of the thing I needed all that bias binding for!

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  1. Kids are a great distraction and so much fun watching our “Girls” with your “Girls”! Chloe is a sweetheart, she’s going to have one of those smiles that light up a room… a lot like her Mom! Nice job on the swing, with the new straps and rope I thought it was brand new!

  2. i still have no idea how you’re making that bias binding. i’m hoping i can just hand my binding fabric over to my mom and say “please?!” when i get to that point in my quilt! 🙂
    and how cute are chloe + tuesday! i bet those two have had quite the fun! and i’m with you mom, that swing looks brand new! nice!

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