Okay some questions for you my dear readers.
1). Should I change my blog header. I haven’t changed it for five years. Partly because I’m lazy πŸ™‚
(I was going to put a poll here, how the heck do you do that?)
2). Should I change my avatar, across the board (flickr, typepad, etc.)?
More personable?
3). Are you good at math? I thought I was but trying to figure out this passage from the Sewing Bible was driving me insane, so I had to find another site to help me. Here is what the problem is:
(from page 70): “First work out how much fabric you need. With a calculator, work out the total length, plus 10% (for seam allowances and wastage). Multiply the total length by the width of strip required. For example, for 2 yards of 2″ tape, you need (72″ + 10% x 2″) about 14,600″ total area of fabric. To make that into a square, press the square root key on the calculator, to give you the required measurement for each side of your square. Two yards of 2″ bias strip needs a 121″ square. Round it up to give you some slack.”
edited: I know this is wrong, I didn’t do the math, I just copied the above directly from the book. I am just trying to figure out what size square she is trying to get, I is NOT 121″ that is crazy.
This has to be wrong, right? RIGHT? Plus the way she has you do it does not work:
Oh boy was I getting frustrated! See how the lines don’t line up? I think it was a seam allowance issue. I followed the directions on this site and it went much better. I couldn’t find any errata for the book, but I think maybe it was publish in England first so perhaps something was lost in translation?
4). Ladies when is the last time you had an exam, the down there kind? A friend of the family was diagnosed with cervical cancer, the bad kind, because she didn’t get pap smears yearly. Look, nobody likes those things, but please, if it’s been longer than 12 months (guilty!) make the call for an appointment for free. And if you can’t afford it Planned Parenthood does them for little or no cost! I went there for my yearlies when I didn’t have insurance and they were so lovely.
5). How many projects do you have going on right now? I think I have about eighty give or take…
6). Is there anything cuter than a baby in the bath?
I’ll answer this one for you: TWO BABIES IN THE BATH! (one of who has a mama who should get better pictures of said cuteness).

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  1. Hey Amber, what are you trying to do with the sewing thing? Tell us what the aim is it might make it easier to pick out the mistake. Certainly 72″+10% of 72 = 79.2. And times that by 2 is 158.4″ Where does the 14,600 number come from?
    I love your old avatar but I like your new one better!
    And we only get cervical smear tests once every 3 years in the UK.

  2. Thanks for reminding dear blog friends to get a yearly pap smear. It’s so important!
    I love your blog header but I think it’s time for a change, something to reflect the style changes you’ve made in your life and yes I really like the new picture… so much more personal.
    The math thing… where did you get 14,600? Perhaps I should stop and help you come up with the right #.

  3. totally guilty. I think I went two years ago. But my doc. made me feel like a loser about my weight and about my anti-anxiety /depr meds….so I have no desire to go back. I know I shoudl though…..
    I agree with Julie about your blog header….I stink at math so ….

  4. Visiting from the Vintage Sheet Swap (and the East Coast) – that’s one sweet babe you’ve got there! Love the multi-greens knit vest a bit further down. I’ll be back to visit again – thanks for the link.

  5. oh yes! change your avatar to that LOVELY photo of you!
    and the blog banner…an update would be fun, but i like this one too.
    projects? yeah. about ten. which is a lot for me. i need to FOCUS + get them done. i especially need to knit two baby bibs before my friend gives birth in like 7-8 weeks. plus i’ve got some super cute tuesday pictures i want to scrap before monday – then i can bring you the pages! πŸ™‚

  6. 1. Love the blog header
    2. Change your avatar I love that pic of you
    3. Not good at math at all and after reading your post about your sewing bible I am totally confused and have vowed to never do math again πŸ™‚
    4. I go yearly but I think that is because I work in health care in the same hall as my ob/gyn so I think he would yell at me if I didnt.
    5. I have a million projects going on all the time
    6. The is absolutley nothing cutter then babies in the bathtub!

  7. I am trying to figure out the size square you need to make the continuos binding strip, I’m going to have to do a whole post on it, because I think I just confused everyone more than I confused myself by copying that text over from the book! I think I am going to change my avatar, and that is interesting about the 3 year thing because here we call it our “annual”.

  8. I like the original avatar but does it fit who you are and your life today? Maybe not. I like the new pic, the lovely shade of GREEN is awesome too. I like your blog header but you do what you think best. In fact I wish I could figure out how to put a custom header in my blogger blog. I guess I have to read the markup on it, blah.
    I don’t count unfinished projects if they are stuffed in a drawer. Only the ones laying out. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Also probably my problem…
    math, you got me.
    babies in the bath, awesome!

  9. I like your blog header πŸ™‚ and That pic of you is lovely!!
    I go usually every other year. I suck. But I know my “stuff” and I’m not in any high risk groups for that. Plus when I went this last time they decided they want to test me for all of the ovarian cancer stuff since my sister passsed away from that. But I don’t personally think I need a bi-yearly pelvic ultrasound and all of that blood work…
    And babies in the bath are the best!

  10. Oh I can’t get over those curls!! πŸ™‚ She’s so cute!
    I love the new avatar (as I’ve already mentioned!) and thought I DO love your banner, I’m sure I will love whatever you come up with next! Mine is a year old now…thinking maybe I need some updated photos!

  11. It looks like your blog has outgrown the look of your header. You’re so creative! I suggest you apply your sewing and/or scrapbooking skills to an updated header that better represents the loveliness of your blog.

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