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  1. YOU ARE SOOOO BUSTED! I see you are taking a photo while driving on the I-5. 😛

  2. 5:25 pm and there is one car on the road??? how is that possible??? I know Sat is a non rush hr day but I still sat in traffic for 45 minutes today at that time grrr.

  3. Right, one car? Well it is usually pretty easy to get up there, but that was especially nice. So I did think it was okay to take a picture. I told Bj I drove while looking through the camera to make him feel better, but I think that just made it worse 🙂

  4. We joined the local modern quilt guild and were each working on quilts (mine a long suffering project, and hers a new one). Kristen was there too, I wish you were as well!

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