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  1. i love that bj participated in this week so much – taking photos too! that’s the coolest. good job bj!
    and…i LOVE that you two were riding tuesdays car around the house after she was in bed. HILARIOUS!
    good job lady. you did an awesome job documenting your week!

  2. WOW… your week in the life of has really inspired me… fingers crossed I might get organised enough to do a few days myself…I have loved watching this past week with you

  3. It has been so fun to peek in on your life this week! I love your decorating – such a smash of great colors! How do you take the grainy looking evening photos? What a cool technique. And thank you for thinking of me:)

  4. These pictures have been so beautiful and what a fun peek into someone else’s life. Good to see another cloth diapering, breastfeeding EC’ing family out there!

  5. Hahaha! I like that skirt and can’t wait to try this when my life gets slightly more interesting! How was that movie, I want to see it.

  6. Look at those teeth! And BJ riding the toy car cracked me up. Thanks for giving us all a peek into the wonderful things that happen to you during the week 🙂

  7. No real secret to the grainy evening photos. I have to crank the ISO up on my camera because of the low light (I’m not a flash fan) so they are grainy. I tend to not like the yellowish color so I change them to black and white. Easy!

  8. The movie was great (Fantastic Mr. Fox, for those wondering), you should check it out. Thanks, I love the skirt too, I wore it for our engagement session 3.5 years ago, glad I can wear it again!

  9. So much fun to see all these pics! Thank you for sharing. I need that toy car. Seriously.

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