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  1. 10:32 – kitty love!
    3:08 – oh that tooth! it’s really coming in…poor girl.
    5:14 – singing lady gaga? 😉
    6:56 – love how tutu is the only one looking at the camera. and that the shutter caught bj mid bite 🙂
    7:32 – (a) beautiful! and (b) adorable!
    11:12 – sewing? you’re such a night owl!
    i love seeing your day! you’re doing AWESOME!

  2. poor baby, I could see the molar, it looks so huge in her tiny mouth! And I am impressed that you doccumented a costco run- BJ didn’t even coerce you? Also KUDOS on the goodwill run! Don’t you just LOVE purging all of that old stuff!!!

  3. I have been loving your photo essays Amber. Just beautiful. What amazing artifacts for T later on!!

  4. LOVE 7:32 I would like a print please. The days are getting better and better. William is adorable—so much hair!

  5. Oh man, molars are so hard on her Carmen, I hope Chloe takes them better. Yes, yes, I went to Costco, first time by myself, I had pictures printed there. It wasn’t SO bad, but I did end up with stuff I didn’t need. Good thing I took a bunch of our old stuff out!

  6. I love the white bedding! And I am really enjoying these glimpses of your days with your precious daughter. It brings back such wonderful memories of staying home with my children when they were little. Great years — not always easy — but really, really great!

  7. i recently took a pic of my daughter (19 mos old) just like that too! it’s cool to see those molars coming in… poor babies!

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