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  1. yeah, I made the picture of that salad my desktop….as a reminder that good for you food doesn’t have to be copmliated…and it looks so flippin yummy!

  2. i’m loving your photos this week!
    i’m struggling. and wanting to quit. but i won’t…i think it would just be SO much easier with someone to hand the camera off too once in a while! i’m running out of ideas + my self portrait/timer shots stink.
    and yeah. that salad looks all kinds of delicious!

  3. Ha! I’m still getting up in the middle of the night at least once EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. But I think she sleeps so late because if she wakes up at six we act like it’s the middle of the night and do everything possible to get her back down. Also since I work at home we can do it everyday so it’s routine. I would not be able to function if I got up at six, I just can’t make myself go to bed early enough.

  4. I love the monkey bib and matching monkey food (bananas) for Tuesday. Also I am going to get some of that baby body wash. It smells so amazing! The salad looks good, but I was impressed with Tuesday’s spread! I need to make more well rounded food for Chloe. u are such a good example!

  5. No more sharing scale photos…you make me feel very fat! 😉 Good for you, though!! I wasn’t even that number before I had Brice, but i’m hoping to get close to it again in the coming months.

  6. Don’t worry I’m pretty sure I weight that much because I have no muscle and we all know that it weighs more than fat. I need to do some serious core strengthening!

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