Well I was going to scrapbook last night, but first I thought I would file away the layouts I’ve been scraping lately. I guess I was in denial about how much space I had left in my albums and how many layouts I’ve done lately (lately is relative, but I did have about 50 in a pile!). My scrapbooks are a disaster, I didn’t quite finish the library of memories class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, so I never made the rest of the title pages I need to be more organized. I’m out of page protectors and albums, so I’m off to order some (while trying not to put to many other things in my cart!).
Meanwhile I thought I would share this awesome quilt my mother in law brought back from Florida when she was there caring for her dad.
I believe this was one of the last quilts that her grandma (lovingly called “granny” by all) quilted. She is still alive, but is nearly blind. The cool thing is this is a cheater print!
One of the coolest I’ve ever seen for sure. All hand quilted.
I hope you can see the pattern of quilting on the fun back, Kathy says she did all her quilts in this pattern. The whole quilt is so so soft, I don’t know what kind of fabric the back is (but Abby I think it might be flannelette that you often speak of!).
The quilt is bringing Kathy much comfort after the passing of her dad, I love how handmade things can do that.
Have any handmade items brought you comfort in times of loss? I just found out my dear friend’s grandma passed away and want to put something together for her.

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  1. that quilt is so much fun! and it’s a cheater fabric? you totally can’t tell in the photo. i love that it’s bringing bj’s mom comfort. exactly what handmade things should do!
    i’m sorry for your friends loss. losing a grandparent is so hard, as you know.

  2. Amber,
    Thank you for blogging the quilt which brings me alot of comfort for my Daddy. It brought tears to my eyes, which are happy tears. my Granny is 100 years old and shares Tutu’s birthday. Thats special. Love to you and your family, Kathy

  3. This is a really awesome quilt. It is so bright and cheerful. When I saw the picture (before I read the post)I thought it was another one of your creations that you whipped up in your spare time. I was also fooled, it looks like it is sewn together piece by piece in the photo. Although just because it is a “cheater” quilt doesn’t make it any less amazing. Holy cow I can’t beleive it is all hand sewn. It must have taken ages to complete. It is a nice story too.

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