Take Two

This is the good stuff I wanted to post yesterday. First off a layout I did that I love:
Maybe because I love the quilt so much. I’ve been wanting to try these strips of punches I’ve seen all around (definitely not my original idea), and I love how it turned out layered over fabric scraps.
I also used fabric in the title:
To punch “quilt”.  I did this before a long time ago, but forgot about the technique. It works best if you run a strip of fabric through a xyron first (I use this little guy) and punch with a lot of pressure.
Side note about Quickutz. I love mine and got the revolution on a whim right before I had Tuesday. Needless to say I haven’t had a chance to use it much, and it sits there giving me guilt. I thought I would get more big dies to punch, but I only got one, some cool branches, so I really just need my squeeze, not both. So if you want it (with the case, branch die and everything it came with) I’m asking $60 plus shipping (email me: [email protected]).
And now for some fun stuff I didn’t make.
A few weeks ago I bought some cards off of Sarah’s shop because 1. when you make things people expect homemade cards, 2. I’d rather give her the $3 over Hallmark, and 3. they are awesome. Then I had her do a custom order of a set of five “t” cards for me to send “from” Tuesday. Didn’t they turn out sweet? Now I can scrapbook away and not feel like I should be making cards. My box is nice and full:
Thanks Sarah!
Oh I also wanted to say I updated my Amber Love’s list on the sidebar with some really cute links. The book list is slightly updated (not as much reading time as I’d like!) and I finally managed to update the dailies (I don’t know if anyone looks at these, but I love looking back on the year like this, so I maintain it… usually!). Also there is a link to my twitter over there (you’ll have to hop out of google reader if you’re in there). Check it out.

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  1. Great cards – what a good connection for handmade cards indeed! And that card box is fab-u-lous! I got a quick-cuts hand squeeze too and I had better use it – this great craft swap might be just the time to squeeze away:)
    p.s. love, love Eat Pray Love

  2. okay that layout? AWESOME! i love that you not only used fabric on it, but you stitched it as well! it’s so cool!
    thanks for the shout-out 🙂 i’m hoping to get some more items in the shop over the weekend 🙂
    off to check out the new dailies!

  3. What a great post! love the layout! Love Sarah’s cards! and love the reminder to check the dailies! I love that picture of her feeding me her lunch, I had forgotten all about it!

  4. The shirt quilt is my favorite of all the ones you’ve made. Perfect colors!

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