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Tuesday has been getting into my mini album stash and, no surprise, she wins and the mini albums loose. I wanted to create something a little more durable and while flipping through my photo storage albums I came across the moster pictures from my shower. And made this:
I tried to put lots of textures and things on there, but in a way that Tuesday couldn’t destroy.
Ribbon, check!
Eyelets and snaps, check! Also Bj did point out that this happened in 2008, NOT 2009. And I actually argueed with him over that… man time goes quickly!
I used my Crop-a-Dile that I only had out because I was listing it on Craig’s list. I’d never used the thing (it was a gift)… then Sarah brought hers over and now I’m addicted! It’s so quite, it’s so easy. Ok, sure the reach isn’t the best, but still, fun. And I don’t even know when the last time I used an eyelet was.
Tuesday loved it! Just kidding, I had to pose that shot. Well she did love it, but of course, this side:
What? And of course it did not occur to me to make it double sided. I’m not giving up though I plan on doing a bunch more of these types of albums that are Tuesday friendly so she can look at photos of herself, her friend, our family, her things, as often as she wants.
I also scrapped a bunch of pre-blog photos:
That have been sitting around bugging me for a while. I debated posting it, because it’s simple and a little boring. But I don’t post on 2 peas any more and I like having them up as a back up (nightmares about fire, etc.). Of course I don’t post all my layouts, but do you guys like looking at them on here, maybe I should switch to putting them on flickr? Thoughts?

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  1. the mini book turned out awesome! so funny she liked the “wrong” side…silly girl!
    and i love seeing your layouts – you need to post them somewhere, so flickr sounds like a good idea. then i could comment on each one there easier.
    p.s. the four of you graduated the same day? that is SO cool!

  2. A friend made me a babyproof album where she did little 6×6 pages, put them in protectors, then sewed around the whole page to keep it in and safe from chewing, etc. Then she stuck all the protectors together and tied them off with ribbon, so no real album cover. I copied it and made one of family pictures. I was easy and fun!

  3. Post them by all means!
    I love anything you post that has pictures.
    Fun to see you in your cap and gown. What degree did you get?
    Love how creative you are to include Tuesday in all that you make and do.
    You’re a great mama Amber!

  4. I love the mini!! So cute…and kid friendly! 🙂
    I was wondering…is there a list anywhere of ALL the crafty swap participants? I was wanting to read some blogs… 🙂

  5. Hi Amber….I have a knitting question. I am trying to learn knitting and am starting with your tri point baby cap. What kind of knitting needles do you use? I tried the turbo, removable tip circulars, but the tips are so long that the yarn doesnt hardly reach. There has to be a easier way! Thanks! janie in Ky

  6. What a brilliant idea to make it friendly for Tuesday. I’ve always done those cheaper little albums that are plastic, for something like 2.00. They fit perfectly in their little purse bags my little princesses always insist on carrying. But your idea is so much more colorful and fun, and just inspiring!

  7. em, thanks for the reminder! i was going to add them to the sidebar on my blog (and i think amber was too). i’ll try and get that done today 🙂

  8. Gosh those little monster stuffed animals are adorable. And yes, please, please, please keep posting your scrapbook pages. I love seeing them and borrowing your ideas. 😉

  9. Thanks Nancy, I was a Fine Arts Major (BFA) and a Business Minor. I stayed an extra year because I still had a year of eligibility (I didn’t join the crew team until my sophmore year), so I was able to get the minor during that fifth year.

  10. Hi Janie, I use double point needles, they are not nearly as tricky as they look. I started with wood because they have a little bit of a grip, but I can use metal ones now, they are just a tad bit slippery sometimes.

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