Swap goodies

I’ve been working on some swap fun…
A little easier to paint with out my helper, though I think not quite as fun. Just wanted to put up a little reminder, also Sarah sent out an email. Monday is the last day to send things out!
Thanks for all your suggestions on cleaning out the washer, I’m still working on it (by working on it I mean letting it air out for a day 🙂

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  1. I’m also inspired to make some painted embellishments. Can you use the regular acrylic paint or does it have to be special paint for paper? I wondered if there was any problem with it cracking.
    PS – can you please email me your mailing address? I have something I want to send your sweet little Tuesday. Thanks!

  2. You can use regular acrylic paint… I was using it with a gel that makes it really thick (made by Golden), so that was really fun. It will only crack if the paper gets bent a lot.

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