Embelishment maker

I tried to set Tuesday up to be my helper today while making some embellishments (this has been posted on my sidebar for a while, finally trying it out). She wanted to do her own thing:
Which ended like this:
hehehe I love toddlers.
In line with getting dirty… Bj decided to “help” me today by doing a load of laundry (me=laundry, him=dishes). He washed some car-washing towels with some of Tuesday’s clothes and our cloth napkins. They all have a petroleum like smell to them. Plus he used some weird soap (yes, I should have just tossed it). So I ran Charlies through (2 scoops in our front loader) with a few clean rags. I still have a strong smell in the machine, and I haven’t tackled the clothes/napkins yet. Right now I’m running it just with vinegar and the rags. Any other ideas? I want to get the machine really cleaned out before I try to get the smell out of the clothes, and before I do a new load of diapers (since diaper laundry has to be as residue free as possible).

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  1. The only real suggestion I have is to make him throw those really dirty “rags” away! And try running a load of old towels with bleach in the water & lots of detergent, and rinse and rinse and well you get the idea,
    PS Love the photo of yard in Dailies! I’m excited to see the rest.

  2. Your mom and I are on the same wave length… I was going to suggest bleach too. Not only should it help with the smell, but disinfect too so you don’t have to stress about the diaper situation. Good luck!

  3. love that photo of the little artist! so cute. how did the embellishments turn out?
    no suggestions on the wash 🙁 it was nice of him to try and help though!

  4. That sucks! I have some friends that worked on cars a lot – everything always smelled like grease because it got in their washer. I would suspect it will fade over time if no more things like that are put in. I think washing things you don’t care about a few times will take care of it.

  5. Dirty rags = brand new.
    Weird soap = Tide high efficiency.
    It’s kind of like making bread…things take a little longer to clean. 🙂
    In the future I will clean these using the faucet.

  6. i love that tuesday is getting into the fine arts! It is a fantastic idea to put her in the high chair! I just let chloe run free…and now have paint on the floor, the bench by the door, the deck…. you are so smart! I love BJ’s comment.

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