We had a lovely weekend—the sun came out! This coincided nicely with Bj’s parents going to the coast, so we joined them for a dinner:
Bayfront dinner with my two favorite people, yes please! And guess what? I ate fresh caught crab (for those of you who don’t know I normally don’t touch seafood). It was good, that butter helped 🙂 Tuesday got to run around:
Giggling at the wind picking up sticks, rocks and little flowers. We stopped quickly at the cheese factory:
I’ll admit this was mainly so I could get root beer ice cream, which is hard to find elsewhere. Mmm so tasty. Bj got to use the Ergo for the first time, he loved it.
Today saw us outside even more—and in our own backyard!
With sidewalk chalk, friends, and some squeaky cheese (cheese curds from the factory). In case you’re wondering the backyard looks like this now:
I hope the organic mulch dried out enough in one sunny day to be tilled with our soil so sod can be laid. That’s the next step. At the same time a deck (more like a little landing) is being built off of our dining room. I hope we will be planting in ten days or so! Bj finished all the electrical work (for outdoor lights, sprinkles, etc.) today and we are so proud of him for not getting electrocuted! Now he has to built the planter boxes; he’s putting his “staycation” to good use 🙂
I also got a little scrapping in, will share soon. Hope your weekend was fabulous, what did you do?

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  1. Looks like a great time! Funny you should mention the Ergo…I have been looking at it (and the Oh Snap from Baby Hawk) and really need a new carrier. I’m just tired of the long straps on the Baby Hawk when I’m out and about! I have never carried her on my back though…makes me a bit nervous!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! We had Clara’s birthday party, then I worked graveyard Saturday night (boooooo!). Sunday I napped in the morning, then we went to a birthday party in the afternoon. The sitter took the kids to see Marmaduke yesterday evening, so Tom and I had a quiet dinner and did some stuff around the house.
    I didn’t spend much time in the sun, but we have 4 baseball games this week, and the weather looks great the whole week! So that will be nice 🙂

  3. Love that photo of the beach dinner, looks like fun. Having all our “Salem Kids” for Sunday dinner was the “Best” thing we did this weekend!

  4. Your backyard is going to be awesome! I bet you are excited. I played in the garden, went truffle hunting with my mom on their property (no truffles there 🙁 ), helped Aaron study for his board, graduated, went to a fun dinner party and rode bikes around town!

  5. so…we are totally planning on going by the cheese factory on our way down to petaluma, is it worth it? squeeky cheese sounds intriguing as does root beer ice cream (no root beer in germany…). i’m getting excited. and worried. i came down with a really bad ear infection saturday night and what if it doesn’t clear up by monday?!

  6. Your backyard looks great! It will be so awesome when it’s done. And hello! CRAB IS THE BEST!!!! YUM!! We met some friends for brunch and got to eat outside because it was so nice, then I did some weeding when we got home. Hooray for sunshine on both ends of the country!

  7. I love the Baby Hawk (as you know), but the Ergo is so much nicer when the baby is bigger! And carrying on the back is a bit weird at first, but now I can get her on and off no problem—by myself.

  8. Well I’m probably the wrong person to ask since I woke up a sleeping baby to get the ice cream 🙂 I would say yes for sure if it’s during production (I think you can call and find out what times those are). Since it’s a self guided thing you don’t have to worry about dragging two kids through a long tour. We love it. I hope you are feeling better… and soon!

  9. No, I haven’t yet, because there are other things I want to do in there (paint the table, make more pillows, sew new curtains). It’s an Amy Butler rug. We love it, it took us forever to find something classic/modern that we liked.

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