A year in a half of Tuesday

Oh sweet Tuesday, how much do I love this girl? A lot!
At 18 months she:
-Says two words “yes” and “dirt” we have been outside in the yard a lot lately, obviously.
-She also has this questioning sound she makes, like a “huh?” but way cuter. I must get this on video, she does it all day long.
-Saw a train and now it’s all she “talks” about (by talk I mean use the sign for train combined with help or please, I think that means she wants me to please help her find the train!). She even kissed the train in her picture book.
-Speaking of signs, she knows a lot: help, please, thank you, more, hat, coat/jacket, milk, love, plane, potty, eat, finished, bedtime, phone, book, train, shoes
-At 19 pounds 5 ounces she is still in the 0% for weight (but the doctor did point out she is less of a zero percent!)
-She is 31 1/2 inches tall, which is average height.
-Size 6-12 month tops, 12-18 month bottoms (if they are thin enough), size 19 shoes (4 US). I admit I still put her in a few 0-6 month size things (shorts, and a few tops)
-She eats so many different things including kale chips, big hard pretzels, full fat greek yogurt, any type of fruit, toast with cashew, almond, or sunflower butter, cooked carrots, frozen peas, rice and beans, curry… did I mention fruit?
-She nurses 4-5 times a day, plus she often needs a super quick bit of milky for comfort
-She’s in big girl undies all day every day and they are mostly dry. She tells us when she needs to go by signing potty (thankfully not so much of the crotch grabbing any more). Biggest hurdle left here is to get her to realize she needs to poop before she starts 🙂 Also just started undies at sleep time, we’ll see how that goes.
-We have no problem using potties when we are out and it’s liberating traveling with out a diaper bag (I have a pair of clean undies in my purse). She knows she has to pee before we leave the house. Often Tuesday will squeeze out a little bit of pee at any new place just to see the bathroom.
-Learned to twirl and will spin herself around until she can’t walk any more and falls down giggling.
-Likes to be in on the joke and when she hears us laughs starts in with this funny fake laugh of her own.
-Waves goodbye to everyone and everything (teddy bears, random cars, her pee when we flush, the room she is leaving).
-Likes to give kisses… on the lips.
-Had her first sleep over at grandma’s house. It went pretty well. She woke during the night and grandma brought her into the big bed (mama is jealous because she will never sleep in our bed with us). Apparently she woke up at one point, stretched, leaned over and kissed grandma and went back to bed.
-Her 12th tooth is just popping out.
-Favorite “toy” right now is dirt. It’s also her favorite snack.
I know I’m forgetting a lot. I love her so much right now. I keep saying I love her more than ever, it doesn’t seem possible, but I do! She is so funny, loving and inquisitive. There is nothing about this age I don’t like. Well, maybe the occasional poop in the pants, but we’re working on it.

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  1. Happy 18 months Miss Tuesday!
    I love hearing about her! Must come over for a visit soon. That picture is precious.

  2. Awww, we love her too! I’ve been meaning to tell you, Aaron and I have just started talking “Tuesday” to each other. We make her cute little noise to each other just to be funny. How weird that she loves trains! Must have got it from her mama!

  3. She is so beautiful! I’m psyched for you that she’s in big girl panties – good luck with the overnights. Ellery is doing a few trips to the potty a day. She is the same with poops – I’ll hear that first grunt and ask her if she’s going poop and she shakes her head no and then poops!

  4. Her first overnight was such fun, although I know she missed her Mama a lot! We’ll have to do it again when her parents have another date night! Love little Miss Tuesday so much!

  5. this is the sweetest post ever! I love the wet little bath time curls you captured! So adorable. I often wonder how it is possible that every stage of development is my favorite. It just seems like things can’t get better than they are today, and then magically tomorrow is even better! Probably because Tuesday just keeps growing into the most adorable sweetest little thing ever!! I can’t wait to see her next month! I am sure she will be even more adorable then, and doing even more sweet things. I love how you capture all of the little things, like how many words she can sign, and how many teeth she has. Just wonderful.

  6. Thanks for sharing, I felt like she was the only kid who figured out the poops last! We just switched her to trainers for sleep, so hopefully I’m doing the last load of diapers now!

  7. Carmen, Just wait till they are “real grown-up girls”, like you said it just keeps getting better! It’s fun to see what amazing women Amber and her friends have become!

  8. I’ve loved watching her grow up!
    So..Miri’s got 5 ounces on her…but she’s got 3.5 inches on Miri!!! So basically my baby is short and stout. 😉
    I’m glad to hear she’s not talking a ton…of course I try not to compare my child with other children, but it’s hard when other people with kids her age post about how their kid is like talking in full sentences!! Okay not really, but you know what I mean!!

  9. Really, 3.5 inches?!?! Miri always looks so tall and big girlish in the pictures you post. Tell me what angle you use, so I can use it on my almost 5′ 4″ self 🙂

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