Just have time to say

That we have plants.
They are almost all in the ground after a busy work weekend.
I am so happy with them.
But many of them are not happy with me after days of HOT HOT HOT.
My roses especially took a beating (this is the before on those).
My mother in law was kind enough to come down again (she was here a week ago) to help us finish things up. Hopefully we’ll have it all done in a few days! The fence starts today!
Until then; here’s to dirt under your fingernails.

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  1. glad you had some helpers, and more help is on the way! today should be nice and cool for you, hopefully the plants will spring back quickly!

  2. How are they doing in this cooler weather? Hopefully better, I’m sure everything will be fine, they just require a lot of attention when they are new and it’s so hot.

  3. Water, water, water!!! That’s what I learned from my mom when I killed my hydrangea… just when you think you’ve watered enough, water some more!

  4. it looks like you have some fun outside time ahead of you. Good luck getting it finished! I cant wait to see it when you are done! I still think you could have held out for one of those reality makeover shows…..but your design will probably be even better than anything on tv! Wish we were there to help!

  5. So happy for you and your new garden! I’m just learning how to garden, only doing the basics (watering, pulling weeds, deadheading), but I find it so relaxing, and the kids can be out there with me playing in the sandbox and drawing with sidewalk chalk. If you have any gardening tips on what’s easy to grow, I’d love to hear them. I have Mexican Sage and Pineapple Sage b/c they grow like weeds.

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