We are

Dealing with some serious heat.
Not getting enough sleep.
Hoping our plants that were laid our in the yard today survive the weather.
Learning new signs.
Not spending any time on the computer.
Waiting for phone calls.
Staining our teeth with fresh cherries.
Wearing big girl undies everywhere we go.
Eating BBQ leftovers… And regretting it.
Dealing with a strange sink hole.
Tearing down an old fence.
Staining a new deck.
Thankful for friends coming over to help us plant tomorrow!
We are

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  1. it’s so hot! 🙁 i have been thinking of your plants these last few days, i hopey the are doing okay. did you get tuesday a taller chair for the table? that is cool! and her stripey big girl undies are super cute!
    if i had a/c in my car i’d totally come plant with you, but the thought of a 40minute drive with no a/c makes me nauseous 🙁
    also, mmmm. bbq leftovers. YUM!
    and cherries. i’ve been eating a ton of cherries myself these last few days. they taste so good right now!

  2. I like the new chair. I have been meaning to ask you if you’ve read
    The Kristof book. I read his column. Best of
    Luck with sleep.

  3. We’ve been trying to keep our AC set at a higher temp, and it’s not fun! But figure it’s worth it in saving the electricity….
    At least it’s supposed to be more temperate this weekend. Only 85ish vs upper 90’s. We’re gonna go pick blueberries I think….

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