Ladies sewing day!

I had such a fabulous Saturday at my friend’s house sewing with three of my crew girls.
Sewing day-1
I worked on a long suffering project:
Sewing day-2
Someday I will finish this quilt.
Sewing day-3
This is Kristen, her house is so awesome.
Sewing day-4
and welcoming:
Sewing day-5
And she has a new craft room built by her husband:
Sewing day-7
A special tall table for a tall lady:
Sewing day-8
There are so many great details in this house. And don’t get me started on the awesome huge drafting drawer things that her husband got for free at his work. I begged him to get me some… I hope there are some left!
When I get the okay I’ll link up to her new venture—all I can say is I have some awesomely creative friends!

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  1. the wall with the milk glass! SWOOOOON! what a lovely home. and it looks like you ladies had a fun day! looking forward to seeing the end result of kristens new venture 🙂

  2. I had such a wonderful day sewing with the ladies. I am so very fortunate to have such inspirational, creative and supportive friends. I can’t wait for the next one. VIVA LA SEWING MACHINE!

  3. Kristin’s house totally reminds me of you! Very creative with a vintage look. I really like the numbered containers. (are they oatmeal canisters?) It also looks like she is quite the seamstress. The white dress looks so cool! It is awesome that you have so many friends who are artistic/crafty. Coming from someone whose most crafty friend is like 2,000 miles away, live it up!!!! I would LOVE a ladies craft day. Heck I would settle for a lady craft day!

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