Memory Keeping and Art Making

Tuesday and I had a day up in Portland today and on the drive back while she was sleeping (yeah!) I had some time to do that daydreamy thought thing. I sometimes have thoughts that maybe scrapbooking is a waste of time and supplies… like when I go on a fun scrapbook supply buying binge. Why don’t I just put the photos in the book and write a caption? I mean it would be so much easier and less time consuming. But in my musings today I decided I like spending the time on it all, and I like the supplies. But the main thing for me is that I DO print out all of my decent photos. I have them in boring black faux leather albums that we can flip through whenever we want. For me the scrapbooks elevate certain photos and stories, and I love that.


It got me thinking back to my first scrapbook. I talked my dad into giving me the same amount of money that a pre-made senior scrapbook would cost. With it I bought a Canson spriral book, one of the early CK issues and some supplies. I still love this thing (even though it has a few pages with post it notes where finished layouts should be!). I’ll share a few pages (the cover I modge-podged with a class project from my New Mixed Media class):


The opening pages. Our school colors were orange, brown and gold… really.


I need to do another one of these pop culture pages, so fun to look back on now. I still can’t believe I’ve kicked the Diet Coke habit after 15 years!


Random stories that didn’t take up a whole page (I should do this again too!).


Ah the free time of a teenager, I think I’ve been to three movies in the last year.

I’d love to see links of your first scrapbooks!

Ok a few more recent things, I vered off the kit a bit, but I got a lot of layouts out of it, so try one out!


Tuesday and her love of beets. 🙂


Sweet girls 🙂 I just traded out the pictures in the frames in our bedroom after a few years (refreshing!) and wanted to scrap them, as they are some of my favorites.


A simple one about Tuesday’s first trip to the fair last year.


I think this might be my favorite one (finally found the layout I got inspiration from it is here). I love me some brads. And those old Doodlebug letter stickers… and the subject matter of course 🙂 I am going crazy scrapbooking lately, in addition to these I did three more, plus all the kit ones plus three tonight!

So happy scrapbooking to you!

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  1. oh my!! those ‘pop culture’ pages!! memories!! 🙂 now i want to dig out my old scrapbooks!! 🙂
    thank you for posting those!!
    you have definitely inspired me to pull together a kit of my own…i’ll have to share how it turns out!!

  2. Hahaha! I thought that page said “Beef Thief”! Maybe someday she will be one of those too! I love that picture of you and Jenna, please remind me of the story on that one. Ah, high school. I wish I still laughed that much.

  3. she *is* the worlds cutest beet thief 🙂 i love your layouts! and i’m so glad you scrapbook. i have those why do i scrapbook thoughts all.the.time. i have no one to pass them down to so sometimes i feel like it’s silly to make these pages when in 50+years they end up at an estate sale, or the recycle bin/garbage. but, like you said i enjoy scrapbooking, i like buying new supplies. and, afterall…we would never have met if either of us didn’t scrapbook. scrapbooking is good 🙂

  4. Amber, I have one of those pop culture pages from the 1980s. I’m sure you’d get a kick out of it. You’re lucky you missed the days of the peel & stick photo albums with acetate pages. Yuck! The cover of your first book reminds me – did you get my package?

  5. Erin I took thought it said Beef thief. LOL
    You have been scrappin’ crazy! I need to do more! Or make that any….

  6. I may not do any scrappin’ but sure enjoy looking at yours! Tuesday’s not only a “beet thief” I believe she prefers everyones plate to her own; )!

  7. I’m not sure why but I filled up a latex glove with water and used it to wave to people out the window of Jenna’s car… then it popped on me (of course). I know, we had some good laughing fits. So much less to worry about…

  8. And don’t you like looking back at them? I’m sure I’m the one who gets out the older books to look at the most. I love it!

  9. Oh LeAnn, I did! I’m so sorry I thought I emailed you already. I found a pair of pink fleece pants that match and it’s quite the cute little outfit. Thank you so much!

  10. I’m so glad you got it! I was hoping the size is right. If not, let me know!
    I love the layouts you’ve done. I really need to get my supplies out and get busy, and more importantly have some photos printed. Thanks!

  11. i do! just last night you inspired me to look through my senior scrapbook.
    i wish i’d have thought to do pop culture type pages. i did write down some things: top movies, tv shows etc. but no actual collage/type page. loved that idea!

  12. Sigh! The days when going to a movie was only $3.50!! Love your high school scrap book. And your new ones too. Pretty cool to go back and remember what life was like before marriage, Tuesday, etc…. crazy huh? 🙂

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