Just in time!

I’m not going to lie, my day is going from bad to crazier. One of THOSE days, you know mamas, right? I’m eating a lunch of natural cheetos and a full strength Tejava (yes, it’s after three!) as I try to muster a laugh that the garden center sold me cocoa shells instead of hazelnut and now my whole yard smells like chocolate, and not the beautiful flowers I’ve spent all summer tending. I would laugh excpet I have to get in my car later with three more bags of the stuff and the thought makes me want to gag. I guess it could have been worse, they could have sold me mac and cheese mulch with syrup. All I have to say is if this doesn’t keep the cats out of my yard I’m going to be the crazy person with a sprinkler shooting into the street to keep them away.
So I decided to edit the baby pictures I took, because hey, what can always make a day better? A baby (as long as it’s not my 21 month old keeping me up for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS last night).
We had the shower for Kathy just in time!
Bj pointed out that he has a bianary birthday!
Proud papa.
My favorite shot to do. I love that you can see the dirt under his nails. He barely made it to the hospital because he was farming 🙂
Little Grant you are so sweet! Love the curly hair.
And of course my sweet friend and her baby.
It’s always an honor to me to visit a baby so new. I am always a bit weary of visiting so soon, because I believe bonding in the beginning is so important. So I made sure I stayed away at least a day and when Kathy texted me the day after to say again I should come visit I couldn’t say no. And I’m happy to say they are quite well bonded already and he is nursing well, way to go!
Now I’m off to make myself an ice cream sandwich. Don’t worry they’re organic cookies.

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  1. What a sweet little guy! And beautiful pictures Amber!
    It made me laugh about the chocolate, but only because it didn’t happen to me.
    Hope the rest of the day goes better! Ours is crazy. Jazz, then cheerleading, and luckily for me, cubscouts got canceled….

  2. awww! look at the brand new little one! he is so cute!
    i hope your evening is looking up! i’m sure the organic cookie ice cream sandwich totally helped!

  3. ugh – was their something in the air yesterday – my day went dramatically downhill too!:( The good news is that the cocoa bean smell does go away – I have never had hazelnut mulch before, that sounds wonderful. I am sending “go away cat” vibes your way! And that baby is a doll!

  4. What a great head of hair he has!! Sorry your yard smells like chocolate–I know you’re not a fan of the stuff 🙂 What was Tuesday doing for 4 hrs in the middle of the night???!?!?!

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