How do YOU see me?

I am working on a very fun project/adventure that I hope to share with you at the end of this week. It’s making me think a lot about how people see me on the web. I’ve had this blog for almost six years and have been lucky enough to meet several of you in person, but many of you I know only through the internet. I’m especially curious to know how YOU see me. PHD in Parenting recently asked her twitter followers the same question (well similar, what one word would they use to describe her) and she remarked that the answers were different than those around her daily might use. So I’d be so grateful to know what you think of me. There is no wrong answer, and it doesn’t have to be positive. You can say I’m full of myself, after all I’ve written a blog about myself for almost six years, ha!
Photo by Sciarrino, taken last night on a sunset walk.

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  1. I see you as an extremely dedicated mother and wife. Even the things you do for YOU (crafting and creating) benefit those you love. Now rock on with your bad self 😉

  2. I see you as ambitious. You have great ideas and try new things. You seem to have a lot of energy, get a lot of things done. Your house always looks extremely clean, too!

  3. You’re full of creativity and energy, always driven to give your best and self-critical, very affectionate – and though we haven’t met I guess you’re great fun to be with and a really good friend!

  4. I see you as someone who is making an art form out of mothering. I see you as loving your family (immediate and extended) with creativity and generosity. You’re sweet – but not saccharine – and quite sassy too! I probably read too many blogs… but yours is still one of my favorites!

  5. I see you as someone who knows what you want. Motivated, smart and always full of new ideas. You always do your best and don’t settle for less than that in anything that you do in life.

  6. I see you as a wonderful mother, wife and friend. You are very creative and stylish as well. You seem like you would be the life of the party.

  7. I see you as an uber-creative, thoughtful, unstoppable fill-every-second-of-the-day, caring best friend, wife and mother. And because I have the pleasure of knowing you in real life and not just through your blog, I can say these things are for certain! 🙂

  8. before i met you in real life: creative, ambitious + energetic.
    after i met you in real life: the three above plus – kindhearted, genuine, generous and an amazing mama, wife + friend. you take really good care of the people you care about and you cherish your relationships.
    after reading what everyone else said, i also completely agree with erin.

  9. I see you as creative, talented, ambitious, friendly, organized, a loyal friend (you seem to have many friends that have been around for years), a fun mother, independent, and colorful. 🙂

  10. “I see you as someone who is making an art form out of mothering.” Nancy P.’s comment is worth restating—something I think we can also build upon—Making an Art Form Out of Life, which I think is the greatest accolade to your existence. And it is the most wonderful thing to utilize the resources you have to formulate educated opinions, morals and practices. It takes a lot of work, but case in point, Tuesday—whom will hold a special place in my heart for all time.

  11. Mother, wife, creative, thrifty, a great DIYer, green and overall someone I would want to be friends with 🙂

  12. I’m totally jealous that I didn’t say what Nancy said.
    I see you as someone who wants her life to be full and beautiful and healthy. This extends to your relationships with other people – you want their lives to be full and beautiful and healthy, too.

  13. I see you as an inspiration with your spark for life and ability to relish every moment. I’ve seen you exude warmth and self-confidence for years. You are completely devoted to those you love; BJ, Tuesday, your parents and sister, and your friends. You are intelligent and organized (but not too organized… just the perfect amount) and always laughing…even at 5am rowing practices!

  14. That would be awesome Amber! Remember you, BJ and Tuesday have a standing invitation to come stay in our B & B as our guests. 4 hours from our house puts you in Banff or Jasper. Come visit some day!

  15. I’m not going to read the other comments bc I want to say what I think w/o others’ input.
    I see you as primarily a homebody, even though I know you have traveled and you have some adventures in your life. I see you as focused totally on your family, home community, home state, and home. I see you as a person who values stability.
    I think it is very telling that you are so close with all of your extended family, you found one man that was your first boyfriend and never wanted to be with anyone else, and that your blog features the same groups of friends that you have had for years and years.
    I see you as a primarily positive person who feels guilty if you reveal any kind of angst or anxiety. Since I once saw your mom chastise you for whining on here, I surmise that being afraid or nervous was not really allowed in your family.
    I also see you as a person who might have some stubborness and determination underlying the sweet, kind, fun loving exterior. I think it is telling that when said boyfriend took too long to propose, you went and bought a house for yourself bc you didn’t want to wait around.
    I see you as sometimes a little bit crazy, taking on things like adding a 2nd floor to your house while pregnant, and planning a wedding right after renovating your house the first time! that gets back to the determination thing above.
    I see you as a really nice person and a really good friend. I see you as a person who would possibly… hm don’t want to say “lie” exactly, but that you would conceal how you really feel from others in order to keep from hurting any feelings. Perhaps “kind” would be a better word, but I don’t know you could be cruel to be kind even if necessary.
    I see you as… I don’t know if it’s fearless or clueless (LOL) with being so open about your information and your child on the ole Internetz.
    I see you as a person who is incredibly lucky and I am not sure you are truly aware of how lucky you are. I see you as a person who was given great opportunities, and was always willing to leverage those opportunities into something better rather than sitting around.
    So most of all I guess I see you as a person who is loving and friendly and warm and giggly, with an underlying thread of steel in there.
    Also sometimes I see you as a person who really likes to spend money. 🙂
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photos!

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