Reclaiming my artistic self

First off, wow! Those were some comments, they totally made my day. I’m not going to lie, when Julie said my house was really clean it was extra welcome as Bj had just pointed out that my stuff was EVERYWHERE. 🙂 I love that so many of you see me as creative, fun, green, and friendly, that’s how I see myself too. And while I am trying to make an, “Art form out of mothering.” as Nancy said, I’d like to get back to my roots (I received a fine arts degree from Oregon State) and make art in other ways. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you that I’m opening up my lens to capture other families besides those I have daily contact with (namely mine!). I’ve had people ask me to shoot their families before, and I’ve done so, but I never fully set up the business. I’m in the process of doing that now (Sciarrino is designing me an awesome identity) and have a temporary blog: Life in Color (photo).

In the coming weeks I’ll be putting up more information, but if you’d like to contact me regarding photography you can email me now at [email protected] I’m going to focus on child and family photography in Salem, Oregon (and the surrounding Willamette Valley). I’d be happy to shoot in your home (yes dust bunnies and all!) or a location of your choosing.

Here are a few pictures from my shoot last weekend.

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  1. So cool! Congrats! 🙂

  2. good for you 🙂 your photos are amazing.

  3. Beautiful work! I’m excited to follow your next adventure.

  4. Awesome! I’m so excited for you and your new career!

  5. Yay!!!
    Congrats on your new venture!
    I follow many photoblogs & find them so inspiring…
    I can’t wait to see what goodies you have in store for us!

  6. May you succeed beyond your wildest expectations! Have fun!

  7. Sweetness! I need family pics for christmas cards 🙂

  8. I put up my contact info 🙂

  9. Amber, great to see you off on this new venture! You are very talented and will do a fantastic job. Love the personalness of your photography!

  10. Congratulations! I always thought you took beautiful photos. Now, if only I lived in Oregon…

  11. HOORAY!!!!! It’s about dang time you did this! The photos you take are awesome!!! Hooray hooray!!!

  12. I have always enjoyed your photos! You are a natural. Your business will do great. Congratulations!

  13. good for you and the photos are gorgeous!

  14. Amber I always knew you would go pro. I have our engagement photos to prove it. You go girl!

  15. So proud of you! You are so brave to go for your dreams! Plus you are really talented at photography, so I am sure you are going to have more business than you can handle sooner rather than later. Awesome shots. Yet another reason why I wish I lived closer to you. So AMAZING!!!

  16. Thanks Bill, and thanks for the state fair photos.

  17. Come to visit, it’s awesome here (um, but maybe wait until June 🙂

  18. Can’t wait to shoot your cute family when you are here for Christmas!

  19. I am excited to shoot you guys in Hawaii, and you’d love the canvas I had printed up of the girls (in my mom’s garden) it’s beautiful!

  20. OMG I am so excited for you!!!! You have got an eye for it –

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