Salem Oregon Beach Photographer

Ha! I wish! For those of you who don’t know this area the beach is an hour away… and you can rarely get away with wearing anything less than a fleece. Yes, we’re back from a lovely Hawaiian vacation. So sorry if you were on the flight back with us and our sick daughter who was that kid (you know, the screaming one). She’s getting over a cold, we’re getting up Christmas decorations (tree, check!) and getting back into work. I have a bunch of yummy warm and sunny pictures to work my way through but I had to edit the shoot I did with my friend’s family first so they would have then for Christmas gifts.
Salem oregon beach shoot-1
Chloe is 4.5 months younger than Tuesday, and 4.5 times faster I think.
Salem oregon beach shoot-2
But her mama can catch her!
Salem oregon beach shoot-4
Her dad was always close behind too.
Salem oregon beach shoot-3
The girls loved these little magnetic drawing board things. If you are going on a trip get one, they are lifesavers (I scored this one for four bucks at Fred Meyer)!
Salem oregon beach shoot-5
Gorgeous mama.
Salem oregon beach shoot-6
FYI this is Ka’anapali beach in Maui. It is awesome. I love their weather reports. They say things like, “chance of rain” only the chance there is so NOT the same thing as the chance (99% likely) of rain that our forecasters talk of in Oregon.
Salem oregon beach shoot-7
We had such a fabulous trip with this family. I went to high school with carmen. Right now on the bulletin board above me is a picture of the two of us pretending to be models in the sand on the Oregon beach… I think that needs to be a scrapbook page. Man how time flies!

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  1. Gorgeous photos. You do great work. My husband and I were in Maui a few years ago for my brother’s wedding. It is one beautiful place.

  2. thanks so much for the gorgeous photos!! And thank you so much for going to Maui with us! Chloe still wakes up every morning saying “tutu tutu tutu tutu tutu….” She misses her little buddy! And I miss mine too!

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