14 Replies to “My first birth”

  1. OMG!! How wonderful and exciting!!! Babies, babies, babies!

  2. Cannot wait to see the photos and hear from Tracy! Name? Stats? Oh my!

  3. he is BEAUTIFUL! cannot wait to hear his details 🙂 congrats mama tracy!

    amber, that photo is awesome.

  4. He weighed 9 lbs and (almost) 12 ounces. She just emailed me: his name is Peter Martin (they had not decided when I left). And she did so awesome! I can’t wait to put together the slideshow.

  5. Ceara I admit this made me think another baby might not be so bad. Oh he was so snuggly looking and tiny!

  6. Awesome!!!! Did you have any problems getting the okay to take pictures in a hospital? The photo that you showed is incredible. A tiny baby in his very first minutes! It makes me want one too!

  7. All the best people are born on the 13th! Love that face!

  8. AMBER! This picture is sooo wonderful! I captures so much. Congrats to Tracy and Jeff!

  9. Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more photos!

  10. 🙂
    don’t you want to come to IL in a month and half to see sprout being born??? 😉

  11. Oh, how precious! What an honor to attend a birth.

  12. Emily I do want to! But I’ll be going to a scrapbooking convention 🙂 hehehe

  13. Carmen, I didn’t have any issues. Tracy cleared it with her doctor first. When I got there they had already written my name on the board as one of the people allowed in the room. The only thing I had to be careful of was not to use a flash as it redirects the fancy spot lighting they use for the actual delivery and exams.

  14. He looks big in that photo, for a newborn that is. Everyone said he was a big baby but compared to Lachlan he seemed small to me. Oh I am so excited to see the whole shabang, you have no idea.

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