My first birth

It’s really late, or really early, or whatever. I just got back from photographing my first birth.
Amazing, and humbling and just so so cool. I’m on a total birth high, and I didn’t even have to give birth!
p.s. he beat Valentine’s day by one minute.

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  1. He weighed 9 lbs and (almost) 12 ounces. She just emailed me: his name is Peter Martin (they had not decided when I left). And she did so awesome! I can’t wait to put together the slideshow.

  2. Awesome!!!! Did you have any problems getting the okay to take pictures in a hospital? The photo that you showed is incredible. A tiny baby in his very first minutes! It makes me want one too!

  3. Carmen, I didn’t have any issues. Tracy cleared it with her doctor first. When I got there they had already written my name on the board as one of the people allowed in the room. The only thing I had to be careful of was not to use a flash as it redirects the fancy spot lighting they use for the actual delivery and exams.

  4. He looks big in that photo, for a newborn that is. Everyone said he was a big baby but compared to Lachlan he seemed small to me. Oh I am so excited to see the whole shabang, you have no idea.

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