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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    p.s. LOVE that photo of Carmen and her little one!

  2. i cannot wait to see the finished space! those look AWESOME.

  3. they look wonderful!!!!

  4. I can’t wait to see how you hang these! I love the mix of b&w and bright colors. With all of your amazing pictures it sure must have been hard to choose just a few!

  5. Can’t wait to see ’em. Hang away!

  6. Hi! I read your blog and love your photography! I am obsessed with the baby blanket you used on your 3/14 entry in the first baby picture. Did you knit it? If so can you let me know what pattern and yarn you used?

  7. Michele,
    I didn’t bring this one, the mom had it for baby when I came. It was knit for her, a really simple stockinette square with garter edge, kind of like this:
    The yarn is the thing that made is so awesome, as you said. I’m pretty sure it’s a sock yarn, maybe Malabrigo? Like this:
    If you are local Tracy at Teaslewick Wools can totally help you out she has a great selection of similar stuff.
    Hope that helps!

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