A little help from my friends…

So I got a little scrapbooking done.

I figured I had better scrap these pictures before Kristen moves to Canada. I would probably not be able to use them because of all the crying 🙁 Friends moving to other time zones, boo!!! This is one of my favorite kind of layouts, very simple and sweet.

The misted heart card is from a small package Sarah sent me (had to save it of course!). The two little square embellishments are some of my favorite Ki Memories icicles. Pretty old product, but I scored some recently on eBay. I stamped the Ali Edward’s Technique Tuesday stamp on white cardstock and cut around it. Letter stickers finish it off (no pattern paper or silhouette or brad?!!? I know!).

This is one of those “I can’t forget this story!” layouts. I paired pictures of my mom and Tuesday at Disneyland with a story about how she called her “Mom” until just recently. I didn’t want to forget her sweet sing song “Mom” now that she’s taken to calling my mom “nam-ma”. I used old Ki Memories and Making Memories paper, embossed some target hearts and finished it off with a perfect little bit of ribbon from The Ribbon Jar. You can see that this layout is the exact same general idea as the first one, I tend to do multi photo layouts in groupings like this. I find it quick and easy.

And this is the one that I could use a little help from you friends. I love the white on white and simple nature of this layout, but I don’t think I can get by without some kind of title or something. This layouts is about everyone that went to Tuesday’s birthday trip to Disneyland, so anything along those lines. I didn’t feel like I could call it “Disney” since I have that all over the page already. I’m also stuck on what color/texture/size as to not overwhelm everything else. Ideas, please?

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  1. first: I totally laughed when I saw that heart b/c I thought “oh, that’s a cute little detail” and then I read it was the little card I sent you! I had totally forgotten – duh! haha.
    second: the last one. what about “the birthday gang” or something of the like…in red to pop that red heart. also, size it to fit under that ki paper?
    great pages amber!

  2. Great pages! I don’t have a suggestion for the last one, but agree with the others that it would look good in red…

  3. Oh how sweet! I’m not going to lie, I got teary eyed when I checked out today’s post. Who will I talk shop with…? We will need to do some serious phone logging. I would offer layout assistance but I am way out of my league with that! Keep Clicking and lots of love.

  4. Did Sciarrino call me a dwarf? Seriously… I’ve been called short before… Thank goodness Tuesday is there to make me feel tall!
    Love your layouts, it brings back happy memories!

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