The big purple top

The last Project Modern Challenge for the Modern Quilt guild was a monochromatic challenge. I decided to give it a try because I had a sewing day coming up with the girls… back in January. And I hadn’t touched it since. So a couple of days before the deadline you can guess what I decided to do, finish it! I figured that if I didn’t finish it in time for this deadline it would sit in my pile of to be completed quilts like so many others. And I really had done the hard work of piecing the many purple strips (my color of choice for the challenge) already.

Another little hiccup? The deadline was also my anniversary. I told myself (and Bj) that if I wasn’t done by five PM, oh well, I gave it my best shot. I managed to finish the piecing in a few hours, the back is simply the wavy fabric, and only needed two pieces. I did have to piece the batting (I thought I had a big enough piece but the quilt is actually quite wide at 74 inches in diameter). I quilted it the next day (our anniversary), but didn’t think I would have time to finish the binding. I went ahead and washed it with out binding it (it works, but I did have fuzzy batting balls all over the thing). I had my binding cut out when Sciarrino reminded me that a bias binding was probably what I was going to need for a circle quilt (duh!!!). So I ended up with the scrappy binding, which I like better anyway. I finished piecing it while the quilt was in the dryer. At this point it was getting time to make dinner plans. Bj told me I should finish the quilt since I was so close and he would make me dinner (my mom had taken Tuesday so we could celebrate). He was so sweet. It was the time I needed. I got the binding on (though the hand sewing would come a couple of days later) and snapped these pictures to send to the Modern Quilt Guild.

Just in the nick of time! I love it too. My inspiration was a circus big top, and I love it in monochromatic colors. I almost did a green binding, but I don’t think it needs any other colors in it. The different textures in the quilting really bring it alive. I did all over free motion in the big wavy fabric and stitch in the ditch for the pieces sections. With a little straight line in a few special wedges, and a swirl in the center. I figure this will be a great play quilt for Tuesday, we had a picnic lunch on it yesterday! Also prime fort material, for sure.

One thing about a circle quilt, it is sure NOT easy to photograph. Here Tuesday tries to hold it up with my mom. My mom did say I could attach velcro to my husband’s head and the quilt so he could hold the top with that and then use his long arm span to hold the rest out, LOL!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention one of the things that took me the most time, the center medallion. I found this video by googling and it is such an awesome set in circle tutorial, if you have circles you must try it! I saw a quilt a few meetings ago that I was gaga over and I couldn’t figure it out, I’m sure this is the technique she used. I’m super excited to try it again in the future. All of the purple was from my stash except the wavy purple stuff (Kaffe Fassett). My local quilt store had it and I wasn’t sure it was what I needed, when I came back after I decided it was what I needed it was on the clearance shelf, it was meant to be!
Friday the winner is announced. I won’t mind at all if I don’t win, there is some great competition (and that’s just what I’ve seen in my guild!). But I am so glad I pushed myself to get this done before the deadline. Now back to the quilts that have been sitting for a few years…
And if you need inspiration join up for the third installment of the challenge. Just announced it’s a word challenge: ORGANIC. Details here.

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  1. amazing amber, it look so wonderful! good job for finishing it, and how sweet is BJ to make you dinner on your anniversary so you could finish it up?! i love how supportive he is of your hobbies.

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