At the table

Tuesday is the slowest eater E.V.E.R. We spend hours at this table. So of course I sit her in the spot with the best light and get out my camera to fiddle around with it while she finishes up.

Breakfast = “bbbbbeeee” cereal (signed, she can’t say that word yet). bbbbbeeee = cold cereal. Usually we have hot cereal (oatmeal). Plus frozen banana slices and soy milk. I guess she woke up really hot? LOL who knows!

Hmmm Mama, while you look through your camera this seems like a good opportunity for me to climb up here…

And make silly faces at you!!!

Mama did you leave out these colors because you wanted me to play with them instead of eating?

Ok I will! (side note Ceara and Donovan you will get your birthday cards someday!)

You want me to look at you? Ok fine.

I gotta get this cap back on, let me see, how about this trick?

Ohhh no, I figured out something better! Balancing!!!

Mama are you paying attention to me?!?!?!

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  1. My daughter loves cereal for breakfast too. Tuesday is so cute. Love her green eyes.

  2. Whether you’re spending hours at your table eating, coloring, or taking photos, it always seems like you’re having a fun time!
    p.s. Can’t wait to see our cards 🙂

  3. Hello, I just read an article that said reading a blog without commenting is rude, and commenting anonymously is the ultimate in rudeness. So, because I’ve done both here in the past, I wanted to pop in, apologize, say hi, and tell you I love your blog!

  4. Emily,
    We are always mis-matching! Tuesday still wets the bed sometimes so I always try to put fleece bottoms on her so the bed doesn’t get wet (if I’m lucky).

  5. Jeanne,
    I probably read way more blogs than is healthy so I know I’ve been “bad” too, don’t worry about it! But thanks for saying hi!

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