Sure signs of spring!

For a season that used to be my least favorite, I’m really coming to love spring. I love that all our summer things start up in the spring. Maybe I never realized this before because I was always hibernating my spring away (read—crafting). With Tuesday we like to get out and about. Imagine my joy when I realized this last Saturday was the first Farmer’s Market of the season! Tuesday squealed with glee when we pulled up to the parking lot.
“mama doggie? doggie!!!”
“eat, mama, eat? papa eat?”
And lots of signing of flowers. She totally remembered it I was impressed. Of course it started raining as soon as we got there, as this weekends guaranteed sun turned into ominous grey skies and on again off again showers (as always). That didn’t stop us from enjoying the few booths that were hardy enough to come out for the first market day (probably half or less of the usual bunch).

Canby burritos (I think that’s what they are called) are the best! So many yummy veggies, even broccoli, in their burritos.

It had been so long since a market day I had a hard time deciding between the grilled cheese sandwich place, chinese food, dessert for lunch, or Peruvian food, but settled on this. Tuesday had no problem deciding on lunch:

“Pop!” Kettle corn. Hey a one dollar lunch, she’s a cheap date!
We stopped by our CSA’s booth and picked out some pea starts.

For three dollars I love that I don’t have to plant the seeds, these are good to go. I got two each of three varieties. Do I remember what those are? No, but I’m sure they’ll be yummy!
After the market it was totally nap time but I had read about Chick Day at a local feed store so we decided to go see the itty bitty fuzzy wuzzy things.

And the rest of the photos will be in black and white because those lights were funky.

I might have been more excited than Tuesday. Our city council finally passed a law so that we can keep chickens in the city (three max). Bj is super excited about getting them, but I think this is going to be a planning year. I want to know what we are getting into a little more so that we have a nice (raccoon proof) coop, a run and everything ready to go. I’m hoping that building up to getting the chickens will help Tuesday better understand the process and get excited about them.

And just had to post this because it’s always the look Lachlan (her buddy born two days before her) gives Tuesday. Caption anyone?

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  1. i love chick days! i grew up with chickens + ducks…ah, memories!
    i’m pretty envious of your garden space. i need to look into the community garden spots like erin had last summer. it’s probably too late for this year, but something to look into for the future.
    hooray for spring + the farmers market being open again 🙂

  2. may I ask where did you get her super cute cap? also, 1st time commenter her but long time follower as well as fellow “salem-ite”! I love you blog and always love the way you capture real life in your photos of Tuesday. I always look forward to a new post from you!
    P.S. your midwife Pamela was at our daughter’s birth at Bella Vie :)love that lady!

  3. Hollie,
    Ok, I’ve looked, and on my friends’ blog posts too and I can not figure out exactly where the hat is from. I know I got it at Crafty Wonderland this last December, but this is the huge list of vendors: You could go through them one by one if you have time. Pretty much all their hats look like these, and are made from recycled t-shirts and the like. I have one myself, that is just black. Since you are in the area you should definitely check out the spring sale, on May 7th! And yes, I love Pamela, she lives two doors down from me 🙂 I’m so lucky!

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