What I’ve been beading… and a give away!

I am loving beading right now! I found an old book of mine that I remember drooling over as a kid and am using that to learn some new tricks. It’s crazy to me that I can have a book 20 years old and still use it to learn things, I really don’t feel old enough for that to be happening. I’m sure people feel like that their whole lives, but re-reading this book just brought back so many memories and suddenly 20 years seems so quick. So one of the things I decided to try my hand at is making beaded stitch markers for knitting.

This is my first batch. I sent them home with Carmen, since she’s addicted to knitting now. I happened to have this sterling sliver wire from a bead and gem show I went to years ago in my stash. I just made a little loop on the bottom so the beads wouldn’t fall off, strung the beads (with a special little silver one first) then looped the wire around a pen and twisted. I cut the left over wire and tucked it so it wouldn’t snag the knitting. SO EASY. I should have done these years ago, as I’ve bought some spendy ones myself at wool festivals.

Of course, as with everything, I had to go all in on this project. Kristen pointed me to Belladonna Beads (in Portland) after our just sort of sucessful bead shopping here in town. I went nuts! Turns out pure silver wire is expensive (lucky you Carmen!), and the coated copper much less. Also they make special tools for beading. I knew that, but now I have some and they are so much nicer than my Master Mechanic tools. They stay open until you squeeze them which is so helpful.

Also the pin things that have a nice end on them already so the beads don’t fall off = genius!
So to my knitting readers out there, would you like a set of ten markers? You can tell me what colors you like, and size (I can make bigger or smaller loops for the needles). I’m happy to ship them anywhere. Leave me a comment today and I’ll choose someone Friday!
*Comments are closed, Kelsey  was the winner!

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  1. I really need these! They will look so pretty on my projects that sit in the basket for months! Perhaps they will make me want to pick up my needles and start knitting again.
    But then I could wait for my birthday, so perhaps you could give this first batch to someone else ;)!

  2. amber- these are lovely and i would use them with great pleasure. beading is something i have always been interested in, but have never done.

  3. Seriously Amber, what can’t you do?! I love to read your blog simply because you are always doing something new. And of course, doing it beautifully. My knitting would love to have a set of these markers. So much more inspiring than o-rings I currently use.

  4. Love these, I went through a phase where I made a lot and gifted them to knitting friends. I’ve made some the same way. I’d love to have some of yours!

  5. Whoever gets this new batch will be SO LUCKY!!! The ones I have are awesome! I hope you are keeping some of these for yourself! I love the new chartreuse bead with the tiny purple seed bead at the bottom. Way cool color! This reminds me that I need to start a new project.

  6. I swear, you impress me every time I come by the blog! I’ve wanted to learn to spin ever since I saw the blue and yellow thick and thin that you’d done and still haven’t gotten around to it yet.
    I’ve been on a quilting kick lately and the knitting needles aren’t getting much action. Maybe these would inspire me to cast on something pretty for one of the about-to-be-mommas in my life right now. I love an orange/pink/green color scheme for the summer. *fingers crossed*

  7. Ohhh these are lovely and such a beautiful touch when knitting:) I started knitting about a year and a half ago and now I can’t stop! Love bright blues and greens.

  8. Oh, my, these are lovely. I have been drooling over some pretty stitch markers on Etsy but can’t seem to commit to a set. I have to say, every single one you show here is beautiful. You could definitely put them on Etsy. The greens and blues are particularly nice, but then, so are the oranges and yellows! You have a great eye for color. 🙂
    I personally use 7 and 8 needles the most. 😉

  9. you SHOULD sell these on etsy. they are awesome, and trust me people even more awesome in person!
    no need to include me in the drawing, just help me make some soon okay? 😉

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