It’s a girl! – Salem, Oregon newborn photographer

If you guessed girl yesterday, you were right!

Sweet little Finley Marie. Everyone thought it was a boy (that’s what everyone told me too!). Surprise! I went over to their house when Finley was only five days old. A nice reminder of why I do newborn shoots for babies 10 days or under… even at her young age she wouldn’t stay asleep! It was a lot of work (and blankets and wipes!), but we made it work.







Swoon. And more up on my facebook page.
ok. My ovaries hurt a little, I’ll admit…
Oh, and I know this probably sounds crazy, but if you want a photo shoot with your family this summer I’m booking up (personally and professionally – weekends especially!) so contact me and we’ll get you on the calendar!

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  1. omg, that baby is making my ovaries ache. What a cutie!
    I know you took Library of Memories several years ago, by chance are you planning on taking it again this year?

  2. yep. these photos made my ovaries hurt a little too…
    you captured her beautifully! she is just darling and i adore the name they choose for her.

  3. Oh my goodness she is so adorable. It is incredible that you caught one of those elusive sleeping smiles! And BTW the mom looks incredible too! It doesn’t look like she gained a pound being pregnant! I am so glad you finally went professional, so more people can share in your incredible talent!

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