I still hear fireworks…

So I’m posting this, even though the forth is nearly over. What a fabulous long weekend we had as a family. Long days in the yard, family and friend BBQs, ah the good life. I also ordered 750 prints and realized only a few included a family picture, so I had my mom snap one right when we got to her place.

Note to self: must learn how to use new remote for camera and take more of these!
(Tuesday’s outfit was made by my mom and is so cute!)

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  1. This is such a great picture of you guys! I need to do more family photos too! I think the last one I have is from 8 months ago in Hawaii- that you took!! Love that you really got into the red, white and blue theme! Seriously you guys are adorable!

  2. Oh mi goodness! Every time I see a picture of Tuesday she’s less and less a wee-tot and more and more a little girl. Sweet pic. Amber, 750 prints! You go girl, that is no easy comb through!

  3. Aww that outfit turned out adorable! Family pictures are great–we never take em. Need to do it more often!

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